Published on August 18, 2017 (Updated on September 03, 2017)

Night Mode Texture Pack (1.2 Beta Only)

Hahaha I well Rate 5Star because the MCPEDL is Nice.
I can't do the new beta because I have an apple it's NO FAIR!!!!!
I had the first version of this resource pack and it worked and looked Great! But when I deleted the old version to get the new one. But when I installed the resource pack again and loaded up a world all the textures glitched out. So I went into my settings of the world and it only showed to old version. So I checked my other worlds and most of them had the old texture pack. But when I loaded up a custom build world all the textures where corrupted (except for stained glass)so I left. I then deleted the texture pack (including in my files) to redownload it. But when I did redownload and import it it said duplicate pack detected so I was wondering what happened so I checked my resource packs and there wasnt one already. So I left my setting and went to the title screen and MY ENTIRE SCREEN WAS PURPLE AND BLACK CHECKERS EXCEPT FOR MY SKIN AND THE TEXT. I DO NOT RECOMMEND (I would rate this version negative stars)
Did they just assume I was dead? Ah well, it's kinda diverse. I'm still working on an update for mine. This one's cool too
Works superbly. I activate it at night, & deactivate it during the day! I even turn down my tablet's brightness! 11/10 will use again!
This is a great resource pack, but I do have two suggestions; 1. Make the background at night or make a new one and 2. Add different sizes to work with other texture packs (eg. 16x16, 32x32 etc). Anyway thank you for making this any way, like I said before it is a great resource pack, I use it all the time.
Good choice on the color design for outline (Teal color)
Looks nice, too bad no iOS.