Published on February 13, 2021

Night Vision Goggles Addon

Are you tired of deinking night vision potions the whole time? Then this addon is perfect for you because it adds night vision goggles that you can put on your head and you never have to drink potions every 5 minutes and its also multiplayer compatible.

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This mod give bug when using it on multiplayer server, everytime there's other player login in, this mod randomly discard a player item and automatically replaced all their headgear with night vision
I havent tried yet, but could you also make a gas mask, I would def download and use
Doesn't appear to work for me. I tried to craft but nothing shows up. I'm playing on Realms.

I also tried to use /give @s ng:night_vision_goggles on a non-realms and it says:

"Syntax error: Unexpected "ng:night_vision_goggles": at /give @s >>ng:night_vision_goggles
heyitsarandomgrayscribble February 15, 2021 at 1:36 pm
Lol, I know that you are using Crafty Craft.