Published on January 04, 2022

Nightmare Survival A! | The Survival Is Very Hard!

Do you feel that Minecraft's survival is too simple? Even if you can't naturally return blood, it is difficult for you? Maybe you can try this module package! It weakens your attack capacity, while monsters become more horrible. Even elite monsters are not in your world!

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No way! Hong kong reporter is now a rank
behind elite spider!?!?!
It is one of the coolest and most innovative addon that came out in 2022, it is super great, you should lower the probability of the new modified Mobs a little, you should lower the current probability to 50% or 35%, since they usually appear Many.

A small difference would be that each species had variants, for example spiders that were faster, others that had more strength, some that were invisible, others with regeneration, others that will launch cobwebs or explosions that will only damage and do not break blocks, that would be great, but it's just a suggestion, I love your plugin/addon
Thank you, I will improve it, thank you for your support!