Published on August 05, 2017 (Updated on August 05, 2017)

Ninjutsu Addon

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i cant get it
verry good but i would like more mods for xbox
Guest-5900868341 May 06, 2020 at 1:56 pm
This thing causes people to clickbait really badly lol.
Wow ? this is amazing ? it really got my attention and whoever made this mod is a true member of the naruto clan lol ?
dude its uzumaki clan and you should have said weeb or naruto community
To change your skin in the shadow clone replace your skin in the resource folder find the creeper folder and place your skin in there.
Why does the shadow clone does not copy my skin?
Add the flying raijin jutsu
I found a typo when you say "replaces blaze and blaze" editor please fix the typo
I love this??
The shadow clones will be way better if they imitate your skin, and the Crossbow Susano‘o should not impede my Vision when I‘m riding.
Can you make a direct clone addon?