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Published on January 16, 2017 (Updated on January 16, 2017)

No Cooldown Pearl Addon

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what is the link name for the little kelly map
I agreew with Hoohaa
I agrew with Hoodie
Hello Editor could you add more than Just no cool down ender pearls like ender armor and tools
Boo The download link is bad I want a media fire link instead of a boring Google drive link
Downloading from Google Drive makes a safer download than Mediafire because Mediafire has advertisements in their download link but Google Drive is a simple and one-step download. I hope you enjoy my addon!!
Can you make batarangs with snowballs!
Perfect I've been looking for an add on like this for a long time
Can you add prestonplayz texture pack please?
Wait I wanted to upload a map so do you guys make the download link for it or do I?
Can you make a replica of Sky City from episode 6 of Minecraft storymode? It doesn't have to be exact. Even just the castle would be nice.
Can u do a morph add on that works
Can u plz get someone to make a massave castle like little Kelly's and/or a massave shopping mall and/or a food mod where it's like loads of cakes or loads of food that u can place please!! And I really want to know how ppl make addon S is there an app? I need to knowww
Can someone make a Evil Little Kelly castle map, because I want to turn it into a Super Mario World parkour style castle level with a wither boss as the mini boss and Evil Little Kelly at the end. If someone makes this, I hope it is an mctemplate. It would have to have an addon in order for Evil Little Kelly to be there, so I suggest her replacing the endermen.
In the Evil Little Kelly castle map, I want it to be based on th Evil Little Kelly channel series. I also want there to be an addon that adds Evil Little Kelly and her gun. When Evil Little Kelly is attacking I want her to fire bullets and jump around. She would also charge at you with a melee knife attack. She could also summon Evil Little Kelly imposters! The Evil Little Kelly imposters can replace skelatons, and when they die, they turn into a dying zombie. (Because the first Bowser imposter in Super Mario Bros turned into a goomba, the most basic enemy, I would like for the Evil Kelly imposter to die as a zombie.) The Evil Kelly imposters would use only one of the attacks of Evil Little Kelly. They would not summon more Evil Kelly imposters, or the fight would be impossible.
Yes you just have to set it up on a computer it's really easy\
Do you lose health when using it?
What map are you using by the way editor.
I think you mean endermites editor when you said silver fish.