Published on April 03, 2018 (Updated on May 26, 2018)

No Random Block Rotation Resource Pack

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I just found out that you made a true opposite resource pack to my Random Block Rotation pack ( Lol
The pack removes the kelp textures
Thank you so much for making this pack! It makes the plastic texture pack so much better!
This pack removes the help textures for some reason?
Can I respectfully use this in my packs? If not, I would love you to tell me how this works ?
If you look in the vanilla bedrock resource pack, you'll find a file named "blocks.json".
It's used to tell the game which groups of textures to use on which blocks (the groups can be found in "terrain_texture.json" but that's not important for this).

In it, you'll also see some blocks with an '"isotropic": true' setting or a longer version that specifies certain sides of the block. Changing those to false will stop it from randomizing the texture rotation.

Your pack's blocks.json file only needs to contain the changes you make so don't just copy paste all the ones you leave the same as the default.
Who Asked Lol???
Cool thanks for sharing! This is going to be pretty useful for my own resource pack.
How can i pass the allow ads button :( please help.
Please update this!
found a bug this texture pack makes kelp look broken
Oh, I wondered why the Yoshi's weren't working! Thanks for fixing it. There is still one (minor) bug. Double doors don't look... Correct.
TheGoldenGappleYT May 26, 2018 at 3:53 pm
Thanks for the fix!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How so? i dont think the rotational option of the block wont be overridden by this resource pack...
This might make patteen-based blocks lose their patternability from this resource pack.
That's pack is Cool