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Published on February 07, 2017 (Updated on February 07, 2017)

NoMoreEnderCrystal Addon

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Could you make a mod that makes a end crystal intantly explode when they are placed? I would love that!
This is really awesome to protect servers, but then ender crystals will be useless. So you'll never be able to spawn a dragon.
This is an AMAZING Addon, Because in my server I cannot ban items! So I downloaded this Addon and put it on my server and it works incredibly well!
Good Job!
i actually made a nuke tnt addon that with one explosion your world turns to swished cheese
and bows explosive
wanna get mod mcpe
Hey editor? I have found that lately many of the pages on this website have been restricted. The restriction setting is from my device, but I wonder is there a particular change to the site causing this?
What pages do you mean?
Can u create a add-on that only lets player's open there chest that they made? Nobody else's
CAN you make leashable player
He did! ? ( Or at least the addon maker did).
Yay Thanks Mcpedl for posting my addon. I have more addons that I think you will love. I already submitted one a little while ago. Anyway Thanks
Don they disappear in The End too?