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Published on August 06, 2018 (Updated on December 19, 2018)

Notch's Soak City Waterpark [Creation]

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Wow! Epic water park! Cool!
This place is awsome. Im a huge fan of theme/water parks and this is by far the best water park. You should build Notch`s berry farm themed after knott`s berry farm.
Guest-9279965545 May 15, 2020 at 7:55 am
I love love this map because it's can be used for summer role play ????
I CANNOT HEAR MY sound like what do i do ive tried everything. also i got malicious warnings while i downloaded this.
*types /gamemode survival in chat*
Creative mode gets enabled*
*types /effect @s speed 10999 5*
Gets given Speed 5*
*gets onto aqua slide 5*
*sprints in water slide*
*flys out of slide onto ground*
(My name) fell from a high place* XD

(actually fell and typed /kill) XD

So I love this map! Thanks very much!
It’s good...maybe add lights in the slide... I got stuck and couldn’t see.
I only have one recommendation, to try to make the waterslides fast
I love this water park and it works for me and I only play Minecraft education edition. Most world's don't work because it says page restricted but this world works.
Same. Cannot use MediaFire.
I have been to knotts berry farm in real life (that’s the actual park and water park cuz they’re together)
Every time I download this it don't show in my worlds file I download the .mcworld file so whats worng?
This map doesnt use shaders.
Doesn't show up in Windows 10 version :(
Why my minecraft always crash when i get into this world