Published on February 26, 2023 (Updated on March 12, 2023)


This add-on adds a lot of new animals which are based on real world animals, every animal in this add-on is unique and has a different function from one another, this add-on makes the Minecraft biome more interesting and fun.


Owner : EruNox

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Feature :

-Added Flamingo

-Added Manatee

-Added Shrimp

-Added Variants to Piranha

Changed :

-Fixed Toucan Texture

-Fixed Tapir Texture

-Fixed Coati Texture

-New Piranha Texture

-Fixed Red Panda Texture




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Pls update to 1.20 😭 this addons is the best of animales but need upgrade
Maned Wolf
Behavior:They rarely appear in the jungle, they are more common in the savannah, they are shy animals, so they will run away from the player(they will fight back),but if a female is with cubs, she may attack.They will only bark or howl at night.

Functions:You can reproduce them with the fruit of the species "Solanum lycocarpum",This fruit appears in the jungle and savannah, Normally 3 or more puppies will be born, but first you need to tame them to breed them with chicken, they don't accept cooked chicken, with the chicken in your hand, you will attract them towards you.
The maned wolf will only have one skin (if you want you can have more, for example the black maned wolf) only the puppies will have a different skin, they will be born black but when they grow up they will keep the normal skin.

Or you simply do it your way, the addon is yours, in fact congratulations on your beautiful work.
próxima atualização,

bico do avestruz
textura da girafa
Could you add cuvier's dwarf caiman
Hello if you are making the next chapter desert I have a list of animals
-horned viper
-secretary bird
-honey badger
-Nile crocodile
Can you make the next chapter the desert
Can you add Golden monkey white lipped deer aligator and pink Dolphin from the chinse mob vote im not forceing you guys
to add just saying
Great job with this addon, but will more biomes be added later on? And could you also add larger animals to the jungle?
How do I update thé addon?
I played the map with my brother and we had fun so 5 stars
i love this sm!! Btw, could you add moths? I think it’ll be sick
can you put all variants pictures to the media that animals that have variants and will every mob is breedable in future and mobs like shrimp and piranha can be bucketable ? (still this addon is so cute every mob is perfectly modeled and textured ı use this addon in my worlds)
I love this addon! i do have a question, it says part two where is part one? i cant wait to see what you do next! im hoping for sloths as i adore them, keep up the good work! xxx
Looking awesome keep it up 💯💯💯