Published on December 13, 2018 (Updated on January 31, 2019)

NPC Addon

This add-on implements a new entity to the game called an NPC. NPC is short for non-player character and is an entity often found on multiplayer servers. They are essentially entities with no behaviors and their only use is to represent either a minigame or similar.

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NPC v4:

  • Added New NPC Named RedstoneCrafter
  • Now you can Kill NPC by holding barrier block in hand then tap on "Kill the NPC"
  • Fixed the Floating text entity, name it using nametag and hide it by holding Wooden axe in hand

Supported Minecraft versions

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It dose not work but the mod looks good i pls fix it tho
I love this πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‹πŸ˜­
I have to give you marks for both NOT adding an link and making both the resources and behaviours in different packs! Thank you!
Yeah, it's easy without, is known for many scams and malwares.
Plus the grouped file is easier, Doing both in the addons manager app takes forever!
Even I'm still having this problem. I wish they'd let us know
I wish can have the addon can it run on minecraft pe 1.14.30?
hi! Whenever i log onto the world it says that the packs failed to load and idk what to do about it :( experimental gameplay is on too
Hi ! works it on Minecraft 1.14.3 ??
How do I change the skin?
if you are on ios,, you can use the files app !! you have to go into icloud storage and minecraft should be there. once pressing the file,, minecraft,, the different folders lead you to resource packs. once you’re in resource packs,, you press NPC by wave. i forgot to mention that before you do that,, you download the skins you want and share them into files. rename those skins into eg: extra1,, extra2,, etc.. then they should appear when you summon them in-game !! hope i helped !! :DD
It works but I would like it if you can talk with them!
Also, turn expiremental gameplay on
Why is the text bubble a smaller version of your skin and not a text bubble?
How do you know if the skin is 64x64
I saw videos that's why I know.