Npc Friends! Add-on

This is an addon that adds 6 new npc "Friends", 3 boys and 3 girls.

This addon can be used as decoration of your maps or for an npc to accompany you where you go. Remember that the npc are friendly, as long as they are not attacked.

Website: ©CubitosMC 

Creator: Andiuber

Twitter: @AndiuberOficial



Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Don't bother, it's clickbait. Add-on crashes worlds if you can get the fake stolen file to work.
the addon has no in-game problems, don't be silly
how do you make them sit down?
Cant tame them im in Beta :
It's a fake file anyway.
You can’t tame any of them ever since the nether update
You can, crouch and try feeding them the cookie. It works, just tried it on accident lol
Do more NPC friends
And its cool
This has inspired me to make this account and make a mod like this but five nights at Freddy's edition
Umm, pls add the bangs XD
Wow!! I tried it. And I have to say. I love it! I tried switching the skins by just renaming my skin (which was in 128 format) into the skin png I choss and just replaced it with the original skin png I deleted. However. It seemed like the contributions of the NPCs ability might have been a problem where they wouldn't show any signs of holding a weapon. Otherwise everything else is AWESOME!
Just wish there was a way to make the Skins appear a bit more player like.
~Tysm ❤️
Can u do like this but version 1.14?
Same here.
How Do you get them in creative? That's my only thing but other than that is really cool!
I have figured it out, you must look up, "boy" or "girl."
Doesn't exist.
hi, when I try to install, it takes me to a website where it displays a picture of a mostly naked woman lady, and I was sure it would give me a virus. even told me that site was unsafe! plz fix this link
DontWorryBoutMyName January 02, 2020 at 12:13 pm
mine didnt do that. Ads like that show up based on your search history. xD
No they don’t.
hi i know im late, but unless u already downloaded it, keep going back and pressing the download button, eventualy u will go to the download site, this process is a way to prevent bots from entering and adding the addon to website with actual viruses in them
Ok super great one of my fav add ins but I wish you can ride them when tamed or have it easier to ride them when I try to steer he or she spins in circles best add on ever but will there ever be a update please add these if so thanks for reading!
This is a great add-on!! Could you make it so that the NPCs can pick up items like swords?
This addon is perfect an now I ain't lonley