Published on September 08, 2019 (Updated on September 08, 2019)

Nugget Chickens Add-on (+1.12)

Maybe ask too much? This Add-on adds 7 brand new nugget chickens! With eggs and nuggets from each ore in Minecraft! And you can find each of them ONLY in the MESA biome.


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wow I'm ready to kill siren head
I found Chicken nuggets
Get it?
direct download link plz
Make it so it’s in the recipe book. Takes ages to make all of the eggs into nuggets
The download website isn't giving me the link to the download.
Nevermind! Just had to reopen the website! GREAT ADDON!
Download link broken plz fix
5 Stars If Lapis Nuggets Work
Lapis nugget cant be crafted into lapis
Everytime I look at a chicken the game crashes.
Everytime I look at one, the game crashes.
I like this addon but i wish they spawned in more biomes
The Addon. Is pretty good but i want to find them in more biomes tho