Published on January 26, 2017 (Updated on August 22, 2017)

Nuke Addon

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don't download this addon, its a viruses, well thats what my anti viruses is saying
Nuclear_ReactorCore June 01, 2022 at 4:07 am
Is this on MediaFire?
For some reason, my browser finds the download link as an unsecure website and doesn't allow me to go further. Please use something else, like a direct mediafire link.
A good add-on.
I used this Add-On in a my map, and I need your permission to upload it. I putted credits in the spawn room. Can you give me the permission please?
What the f* why did the website send Me to hentai
Why is this trash addon sending me to 30 different websites showing me d*cks and hentai when its a mod for A KIDS GAME!? It's sopposed to not show d*cks.
it's a spam ad dude. it's adfly so it's not his fault.
what does lowend and highend do
The link send me into por****
yes same here
Adfly is an ad website, don't click on the ads and you wont see any of that.
Can you not add zips in addons my zip does not even work. not even 1%
Bombs don't go off if they were ignited by other explosives or other nukes.
the nukes don't go off after being ignites by other explosives
They go, they take 30 seconds I think to go off.
Same my resource pack on Minecraft the thing dos not say copy to Minecraft but the behavior pack dos
The thing I really dont like about this mod is the LONG FUSE which isnt good for my nuke video with 5 nukes with MILD lag. Can you update plz
Recorces is a mod and does not say copy to Minecraft. Now I’m sad ?
Can you make a more powerful nuke please this one is good but I really love big explosions please I beg you to make a more powerful nuke because I love big explosions