Published on June 09, 2018

Null: Shadow Return [Adventure]

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What did you use for the characters in the cutscenes? can i use that too?
Hey man i translate your map for russian language.
Hey man can translate your map for russian language.
Awesome map, but please make “Null” (Really Entity404 skin) a little weaker. He’s too op. Thanks
It was really good, When is part 3 coming out?
It's OK right?
it's all right!
Guest-1392814493 May 29, 2020 at 9:42 am
Can you make the part 4
Nice Map :)
ugly but i use it to my video thanks
He legit said specifically to YouTubers, don’t use it for clickbait
Amazing TheEnderFace make more maps like this , ur so great at command blocks
This is so coooooool
This is the best creator [theEnderface]
Wrost map other shadow of entity 303 was the best ! But this not. Can you make another ? This wasn’t good.
This map is awesome ?????????????????????
Remove adfly pls...
Everytime I skip ad it keeps sending me into a very inappropriate website! Remove adfly pls I want this very awesome map