Published on June 20, 2021 (Updated on June 18, 2021)

OBEPR v: 1.0 - 8192x8192 Support (MCPEDL Version)

THIS TEXTURE IS IN ITS FIRST BETA AND IS SUBJECT TO FUTURE CHANGES Work is being done on a PBR support for the texture, we hope to have it ready in the next version, be patient that support will be added as soon as possible as well as another version

Open Bedrock Edition Photo Realism is a photorealistic texture for Minecraft Bedrock Edition with wide support for all types of device regardless of whether it is not very powerful or is a very powerful device, it has an incredible support of 128x128 up to its version with higher resolution of 8192x8192 and a performance depending on the resolution chosen for it, the project has official support in 3 languages ​​at the moment which is in English, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as being the first texture with 8192x8192 support in Minecraft Bedrock

Likewise, it is sought that this project has PBR support as soon as possible, likewise absolutely all the blocks have not been changed yet and this version is more a test to show what this incredible project could be

If you want a better, more personalized support you can contact me on my Twitter and the official OBEPR Twitter, or enter my Discord server if you are looking for direct contact, any questions, suggestions or simply want to see the progress of the project 

If you have any error or something you want to be changed please let me know, it would help me more than you think your opinion 

Blocks What Were Changed In OBEPR v: 1.0 

  • - Brick
  • - Coal Block
  • - Cobblestone
  • - Dirt And Grass
  • - End Stone
  • - Gravel
  • - Birch Log
  • - Oak Log
  • - Netherrack
  • - Sand
  • - Sponge And Sponge Wet
  • - Stone
  • - Stonebrick And Stonebrick Carved
  • - White Wool

Soon more blocks will be changed and new changes will be added to the texture







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  • First Blocks Changed
  • Support In English, Spanish And Portuguese 
  • First

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5 / 5 (4 votes)
My phone Meets all the requirements for 2k textures but it crashes !

I got 8 gb ram and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
2.84 GHz with 8 cores
Dude, why don't you update it?
what the system requirements?
my pc :
8 gb RAM
512 mb GPU
should be work in this device
This is amazing, although needing a high-end device you put a lot of effort into this, and didn't even advertise or make it through a paid link, I believe you should start charging people! Other than that it is great and perfected.
PBR textures will support OSBES and other shaders? these textures look very cool, good work.
Please make a media fire link as my browser does not support mega
I would love to do it but I am limited by so many resolutions as well as by time, I can not upload it to so many parts
My pc can't run this lmao.
no but srsly nic work my pc can run this. this is just to good of a texture pack.
btw i tried this on my laptop. my laptop committed die
8192x cant run minecraft!
To run this version you need something relatively powerful and it can cause considerable crashes on low-resource devices.
2GB Wow im gonna try this is it support rtx?
I'm adding RTX support right now, if you want information about it, it's on my Discord or I can give it to you on Twitter
My minecraft doesn't run anymore, help
So if I break my laptop can I give you my repair bill? lol
Hmm yes 8192x8192 Resolution Textures On A Block Game
Im Afraid My Phone Will Go Boom After Using This Texture Pack
It has support 8192x8192 but also 128x128 and with all resolutions up to 8192x8192, try it if you want