Published on August 26, 2021 (Updated on November 08, 2021)

Obsidian Expansion Addon

Hello and welcome to my new addon, 

in this addon I added new obsidian tools and armors,

These tools and armor are very helpful, and it will give you some abilities, 

you can find all normal tools but it’s obsidian, with obsidian katana,

you can get all these tools and armor in survival by crafting them on the crafting tabl,

This is the addon, hope you enjoy it,

Good luck.

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Adds new armor, it’s called Reinforced Obsidian Armor,

edit some durability and protection in normal obsidian armor,

Edit and fix some bugs,

This is the addon, hope you enjoy it,

Good luck.

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This addon is awesome but i have little shakes on my screen. I have minecraft pe 1.17.11
Help me bro.
Hey, AmGamer766!

I'm a fan of testing addons and your idea caught my attention, I liked it a lot.
Despite that, I ask that in your next version (I'm sure you're thinking about bringing an obsidian bow hahahah), you fix some bugs I noticed:

Animations: axe, hoe, pickaxe and shovel did not have adequate animations and the sounds of the items (peeling the wood, clearing or plowing the earth). The rush effect you mentioned on the pickaxe worked with problems: sometimes yes, sometimes no. The armor also didn't sound when it was put on; the protection count bar did not update accordingly. Obsidian pickaxe doesn't drop redstone?

[PS: My review was done on Minecraft W10 Edition]

I would be very happy if you could fix these bugs, I got interested in your nice addon and soon I will recommend it to my friends and add it to my map!

Yours sincerely,
Thx, your review will help me a lot, I will try to fix all bugs and add animations with sounds, thx again.
I think the addon is EPIC!!! But, I think you should make the textures match 1.17. Then I will rate five stars.