Published on April 20, 2014 (Updated on June 25, 2018)

oCd Texture Pack [16x16]


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Hello, my name is andrewyin2009, I like how you remake old texture packs and I recommended you to add the old ocd texture pack, but make the renewed texture pack overlay the old texture pack, tho it might be a lot, i just want you to try, these are the blocks and items you missed that I counted
Ended chest
And others I don’t remember
Please update it to 1.10+
1.16 nether update when?
hello, I'm working on a more updated version, soon I'll upload the pack to this page, my name is JeridGamer another person totally different from the one who uploaded the first port to minecraft PE
hi! i already have the texture pack updated to the last version, but i have some problems... MCPEDL doesn't let me publish for lack of permissions of the creator, i have the permission of the creator but they still deny my submission, if u can help to me in something pleaase write me to this email: [email protected]
Great Pack! Exactly what I expected!
Works on newest version od win 10?
Can this use for minecraft pe 1.5
No.The water will not work.
This looked like a really good texture pack. Honestly. But once you hop in the game the UI is a terrible bright yellow that's painful to look at, and everything is so colorful I felt like I was going to have a seizure. Maybe make a less colorful non custom UI version?
You can delete the UI folder when it is in your games folder.
It’s Notch it said in the books about notch coding And Stuff sorry spoilers
As of 2018-19, players are still trying to wonder what OCD is in terms of Minecraft.
Did you even asked FVDisco about porting his texture pack? If you didn't, this would be illegal and I will have to report you.
Of course he did. If he didn't, he is not that stupid to not know he would be striked down.
This texture pack is great for all the looks, except for one problem... in creative mode, when I go to the 'Decorations' slot in the inventory, I freeze for a second, then crash. In the decorations, I only saw a few items. So I assume the game couldn't find the items. I would like this fixed please. Thank you!
The pistons and sticky pistons don't look right...
Ang it is look right now!
Fire is glitched in MCPE 1.0.5 on my ios device ?
So cool!!!! Get if you do not want to spend money on the plastic texture pack.
Are the animals texture suppose to change. Because my animals textures didn't change at all.