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Published on June 24, 2017 (Updated on June 24, 2017)

Ocean Dream Cruise Ship [Creation]

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GREAT JOB! WOW! AMAZING! Time for me to weaponize it!
This map is amazing can you add some Redstone things?
You go to pause and video just turn your distance to the lowest (30)
I hope this was helpfull?
Love the Atrium!
Great for roleplaying!
This world is so coooooooool ?
Where is the entrance?
Just exploded the ship XD
LOL! Same.
My friend made this creation and posted it on a map but electro creeper somehow made it his own creation ???
My friend actually made this creation but Elctro Creeper somehow stole it from her and made it his own
probably a lie for more fame
Very nice and cool!!
I think, ist was a Lot of work?
But... It‘s veeery cool!!!
I made a crappy but okay video on this map. Here’s the link:
Hope you enjoy it
What does turn chunks to 14 mean?
Just walk forward in creative fly and you will find the ship