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Published on October 13, 2016 (Updated on October 13, 2016)

1849614853: Ocean Monument Close to Spawn

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very cool i am trying to drain it and show my friends
Great I found the place it is amazing I went into creative and did some interior and exterior design I turns the gold room into treasure storage I also installed a submarine mod and built a docking bay and no this place looks like a underwater place!!!!!!(THANKS)
Wow I really love this! I cleared out all the guardians and water and made it my home!
for me here are 2 ocean monuments so its worth it to wait
AMAZING I have a huge underwater mansion now
for those who are angry, just know not all versions of mine craft work with all seeds, it depends on the version. I should know this because I am a "seed hunter" I look for cool seeds online and test them and rate them out of 5 stars in 4 categories. I also list the seed and what version I am playing. Please do not hate on anyone if a seed does not work first time...
You fool this never work I wish I never use this seed
Ehm... it was nothing but a room inside. Not even an elder guardian...
Where are the gold blocks???
Thank you! it worked! it is now my underwater home! (Or will be when I get inside)