Published on October 12, 2019 (Updated on January 25, 2020)

Ocean Monument Function

Have you ever wanted to have a ocean monument in your world so you can makes a house out of it or something? This function makes it super easy to do as it is just one function to activate 2800 commands.

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Fixed download link, added a pack_icon and changed the manifest.



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nice addon
Please #ihategravel Can you say me how to do add-ons? Please please
when I try the command it doesn't work is there a way to fix it?
Good but I wanted a cheese way of making a guardian farm.
Can you please do so it spawns guardians and if you want elder guardians.
Gust a suggestion btw. No hate
i want to know that resource pack?
It doesn't work
I can’t download it , it says they can’t find the page.
I cant download it. It says that they can't find the ad page then it doesn't redirect me help
Make a Woodland Mansion next time!
This update on my iPad is stupid and I can’t download
So you can have a device from 2011 because i have another tablet that supports that
If you want to know how to turn buildings into functions watch this.
If you wanna know how to make functions out of your builfings watch this.