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Published on August 30, 2016 (Updated on August 30, 2016)

-1436927780: Ocean Monument Near Spawn

Seed ID

Will it work for 1.4.4
In the 3rd pic it looks like the guardian is rolling his eye
I got the seed and flew right diagonally but I can't find it
If you can't find the temple just spawn a librarian villager (w/ the white coat), trade until the 4th tier or so and he will trade you the ocean map and the woodland map which will lead you to the guardian temple and the woodland mansion respectively. It is a little bit difficult to find but cut some slack bc it is hard to find these seeds. I hope this helps.
It works and if you have trouble finding it just spawn a librarian villager and trade until the 4th tier which will give you the ocean map. Use the map to find the temple and then just endure through the top since it's easiest.
How about next time oost the coordinates too in addition to the useless directions. Stupid noon idiot cant even do minecraft
How about next time dont be retarted and fly diagonal like it says. If you did that with your peanut sized brain then you should find it fine.
Is there nearby stronghold? When I play survival island, I don't really want to settle away from the starting island to keep file size small.
You are Wrong. I can't find the frickin Mounment. You have trolled me so bad.
Woah i found the temple withe the 4 chests but when i opened one it set off tnt which destroyed the sand temple.But after i vowed to myself to find the ocean monument it took me around two minutes to find it after the sand temple exploded
Wait, u just go forward?
Good Dude
It doesn't work. I looked forever and all I found were tiny hills in the water. Do not use this seed.?
You probably didn't type out the seed correctly.
I got v0.16.0 but still cant find the monument :3
Does it work on the Minecraft PE on iPad? The reason I ask is because I haven't found it yet.
Try this:
It will work for sure.