Published on June 25, 2017

702642131: Ocean Monument & Underwater Stronghold

Seed ID

What version is this for?
It says "an easy way to explore an ocean monument", but you have to TP, which you can do to find an ocean monument in any world. Also, you say it's really rare for both to generate next to each other, but I'm sure there's a TP location in many seed spots that does this.
That's wicked, I also found a desert temple as well
so cool! I pranked this with my friends I said I made the strong hold and fell for it xD
Cool seed what version
Cooolio now the question is is there a seed where you can find them both abov ground and outta the water
ocean monuments are always underwater i think
everytime i type the teleport thing it says invalid command syntax
u can do any of the following;
/tp @p 1258 75 -1827
/tp @s 1258 75 -1827
/tp @a 1258 75 -1827
/tp 1258 75 -1827
The command is wrong. Do /tp @p 1258 75 -1827 instead.
The command is wrong. Do /tp @p 1258 75 -1827