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Published on July 13, 2018 (Updated on August 12, 2018)

Oceanic Redstone [Redstone]

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My Minecraft crashed. Fuck this
SomeRandomPerson22 March 02, 2022 at 4:11 pm
I played it a while ago, when the Education Edition of Minecraft was still at 1.14, and now that it is at 1.17.30, it no longer works. If you would make it compatible with that, it would be perfect! The map is really good!
BEST REDSTONE CREATION EVER!!! i will give 10/10
I played this like 1 Month everyday and didnt get bored its EPIC if you think itbmay be bad no its not download it and give 5 Stars, this is masterpiece
Its not working on 1.16.201 whyyyy
It. crashes when I try to open world
Come on Everyone Download Oceanic Craft Add-on For This Map Is really cool
You are the king minecraft This Map Is so cool
This is a super good map but the wooden basement button isn’t working and a piston elevator keeps pushing me out when I try to ride it
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When are you updating the map?
Best map I've ever played!! But I am confused about in the basement of the main house it says on a sign
''Unfinished room for you'' and there's a lever under the sign and you can here pistons but can't see anything. Where is this room? Still best map ever.Five stars
Go back and turn left you will go down
Yo! Nice redstone
Ad a lever that releases parrots in the biosfere.
Make a zoo.Please.Great map.
That's a new feature for Oceanic Redstone V4.
Faris Rayhan Rabbani August 28, 2018 at 5:42 am
I have a tips & tricks for Oceanic Redstone V4:
1. Building a radio station building with 5 facilities including 2 newsrooms (1 left next to main studio, 1 at garden), garden, studio, control room, & music hall (below newsroom, underwater floors).
2. Building a radio transmitting station (with beacon on the roof).
3. 2 buildings (including radio station building & transmitting station) must be located at island village.
4. Upgrading the island village.
5. Help fixing the bug.
6. Make a clear start.
7. Set a spawn to stone pressure plate below wood planks & command block.
I think this will be a great map I can feel it ☺☺☺