Published on June 04, 2021 (Updated on June 04, 2021)

Odd Mob Out! (Puzzle Map)

Do you think you know a lot about Minecraft mobs? Well this map is the perfect way to test your knowledge! there are 10 levels each with 4 mobs and your job is to find which mob is the odd one out! I hope you enjoy this map as it is my first one and I will be making many more!

There is a lobby and all 10 levels and Ive even added a costume room where you can wear an outfit and a mob head whilst playing the map! This is the lobby:

This is the costume room where you can choose a mob head and an outfit:

This is what each level looks like:

And this is the final/end room!

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Thank you and enjoy the map as always!

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Added working mediafire links easy to download.

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Click on the download link

click on the big blue box on the mediafire page

press 'open in'

press 'copy to documents' (install documents by readlle app first)

press 'open in another app'

press minecraft

and the world will install :D

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