Official 6th Century Mod

6th Century Series is 2994 Years in the Future. Anthony, a Cameraman, was unexpectedly teleported 7645 Years Ago to the 6th Century in which he has must Fix the “CATASTROPHE”. It is unknown what could be the “CATASTROPHE”, but will he find a way to stop it? Cause 3 Different Realities of the Whole MEGAVerse might merge into one. The RealityRealm, the FantasyRealm, and The AfterRealm.

Beta Version: v1.4.2

Current Blocks: 70+

Current Items: 400+

I had to add this on top cause MCPEDL only set my hard work list to 93 instead of 726 Items....

Please Read before the Bottom Please Read:

If you don't know Research, History, and all that Stuff then don't assume I either got the Names Wrong or just because they came from One Country doesn't mean they have to Act or Be like that Country, Individuals are Individuals and Unique in their Own Way. For Example the Original Word for Succubus and Phoenix is Succubare and Fenix. 


So Shut your Orifices Uneducated Peasants.

Thank You.

Please Read:

If you want to showcase my stuff then Credit Me Kyuu Anticipation Desperation. Also since this is the 6th Century, #6thCentury in that post or video.



Original Word: Doudo or Doido, thanks to the Portuguêzscha(Portuguese)!

Flightless bird that was Endemic to the Island of Mauritius. Closest Family is the Nicobar Pigeon.

Lays 1 Egg in its Lifetime and doesn't taste Delicious.

Likes Berries, Fruits, and Seeds.

More Information of Dodo Birds in:


Original Word: Parrot-Lizard.

An Early Cretaceous Herbivore found in Asia. The One along with the Protoceratops, Created the Mythological Hippogriffs and Griffins.

Slow on Land but Swims fast in Water, and also Cute!

Health: 10(Wild) and 20(Tamed)

Can Raid your Gardens in a 30 Metre Radius.

Interactable and Pick-up Items:

Wheat, Potato, Carrots, Beetroots, Pumpkins, Ferns, Apple, Melon Slices, Sweet Berries, Glow Berries, Hydrangea Flowers, and Forget Me Not Flowers.

Small Simple Illustration of Dodo and Psittacosaurus:


Original Words: First Horned Face.

Sheep Sized but Fights back. Smaller creature lacked horns that Also had Basal traits not seen in later Genera.

Like the Psittacosaurus, it spawned the Griffins and Hippogriffs.

Can Be Found in Mythological Oaklands.

Has a Rare Variation I nicknamed as White Periwinkle.

Can Fight Back and Beat You Up. Never Gonna Give You Up.

Cannot be Tamed but Can Be Used as a Food Source like Sheep.


Original Words: Velox-Raptor meaning Swift Thief.

Fast and the Size of a Turkey, these Dromaeosaurid can Pounce you and your Livestock.

Fought a Protoceratops and Died in a Stance. Their Action is still Preserved today!

Found in Deserts and Mythological Oaklands.

Pounces it's Prey, can Target Humans.

Small Simple Illustration of Velociraptor and Protoceratops:

Health: 20

Attack: 4 - 7

Can be Burned in Lava to Create a Phoenix.

Baculites and Ammonites 

A Type of Ancient Armoured Cephalopod.

Can be Found in Deep Watery Caves.

Can be Eaten.


Original Words: Dunkle-Osteus (Dunkle is a name while Osteus means Bone).

An Armoured Fish with Jaws that has Scissor like Bony Plates.

Can Bite So Fast it can make a suction underwater. I remember it is as Fast as Biting by 0.060-0.080 Seconds.

Can be Found in Big Deep Watery Caves.

Can Hunt Humans if no other Fish around if Hungry, likes Ammonites and Baculites.

Can Sneak and Ambush it's Prey in Murky Waters.

Good Luck Swimming Boys.

Small Simple Illustration of Dunkleosteus, Baculite, and Ammonite:

Not Available yet.


Wields an Axe made of the Scales of Dracan Children and Babies.

Health: 50

Can be Stunned, but Roars too.

Can Open Doors.

Minotaur Leaders

Wields an Metallic Mallet that they use to Smash? Enemies into Piles of Flesh.

Health: 300

Attack: 30

Can be Found living on Wooden Castles inside the Mythological Forests. Good Luck.

Can Cause a Radius Attack that Kills you Fast.

Hippogriffs and Hippogryphs

Found on Mythological Forests, Oaklands, and Plains.

Health: 20 - 40

Can Be Tamed by Riding.

Requires Hippogriff Saddle to Ride them.

Most Common is German, Rarer is American and Russian. Rarest is Japanese.


Can Heal you with it's Tears almost Instantly.

Burns stuff around it, can be Prevented with Phoenix Thermoregulation.

Freezes in Water, can be Prevented with Phoenix Thermoregulation.

Tameable by:

Sea Serpent 


Found above in some Fig Trees. Drinks the Blood of Humans using its Toes and Fingers.

Can only be Active in Day.

Nine Tailed Foxes

Can be Found in Fox Forests.

Yako Clan Wears Black and has Bloody Hands, yet they Hid it inside Armour.

Zenko can be Found as just a Fox Form instead of a Human Form.

Can Be Tameable with Sweet Berries or Glow Berries.

You'll have to wait maybe 100 Days or 1000 Days to turn your Fox into a True Nine Tailed Fox and a Tenko.

Dracans and Soul Dracans

Original Words: Dracan(Drakōn) The first Word for the Mythological Dragons.

Health: 200 (50% Armour for Dracan and 75% Armour for Soul Dracan)

More Information of Dracans and Soul Dracans in:

Fire Dragon 

Health: 200 (90% Armour)

More Information of Fire Dragon in:

Oak Dragon 

Health: 100 (25% Armour)

Roman Soldiers 

Strong Men with Strong Weapons and Armour.


Item List from 1.4.2 &

  1. Enderia Jem
  2. Enderina Jem
  3. Endersomnia Jem
  4. Endertheria Jem
  5. Enderthunderia Jem
  6. Nine Tailed Fox Boots
  7. Nine Tailed Fox Breastplate
  8. Nine Tailed Fox Helmet
  9. Nine Tailed Fox Skirt
  10. Ballista Bolt
  11. Ballista Turret
  12. 80mm GrW.34
  13. Mortar Grenade 34
  14. Tellermine 35
  15. Bronze Ingot
  16. Dark Grey Dracan Scale Boots
  17. Dark Grey Dracan Scale Chestplate
  18. Dark Grey Dracan Scale Helmet
  19. Dark Grey Dracan Scale Leggings
  20. Dark Grey Dracan Scales
  21. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Axe
  22. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Boots
  23. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Chestplate
  24. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Helmet
  25. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Hoe
  26. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Leggings
  27. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Pickaxe
  28. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Shovel
  29. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Long Sword
  30. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Ingot
  31. Dark Grey Dracan Steel Rod
  32. Light Grey Dracan Steel Ingot
  33. Light Grey Dracan Steel Rod
  34. Dracan Scale Boots
  35. Dracan Scale Chestplate
  36. Dracan Scale Helmet
  37. Dracan Scale Leggings
  38. Dracan Scales
  39. Silver Dracan Steel Ingot
  40. Silver Dracan Steel Rod
  41. Dracan Steel Axe
  42. Dracan Steel Boots
  43. Dracan Steel Chestplate
  44. Dracan Steel Helmet
  45. Dracan Steel Hoe
  46. Dracan Steel Ingot
  47. Dracan Steel Leggings
  48. Dracan Steel Pickaxe
  49. Dracan Steel Rod
  50. Dracan Steel Shovel
  51. Dracan Steel Great Sword
  52. White Dracan Steel Ingot
  53. White Dracan Steel Rod
  54. Light Grey Dracan Scale Boots
  55. Light Grey Dracan Scale Chestplate
  56. Light Grey Dracan Scale Helmet
  57. Light Grey Dracan Scale Leggings
  58. Light Grey Dracan Scales
  59. Light Grey Dracan Steel Axe
  60. Light Grey Dracan Steel Boots
  61. Light Grey Dracan Steel Chestplate
  62. Light Grey Dracan Steel Helmet
  63. Light Grey Dracan Steel Hoe
  64. Light Grey Dracan Steel Leggings
  65. Light Grey Dracan Steel Pickaxe
  66. Light Grey Dracan Steel Shovel
  67. Light Grey Dracan Steel Rapier
  68. Silver Dracan Scale Boots
  69. Silver Dracan Scale Chestplate
  70. Silver Dracan Scale Helmet
  71. Silver Dracan Scale Leggings
  72. Silver Dracan Scales
  73. Silver Dracan Steel Axe
  74. Silver Dracan Steel Boots
  75. Silver Dracan Steel Chestplate
  76. Silver Dracan Steel Helmet
  77. Silver Dracan Steel Hoe
  78. Silver Dracan Steel Leggings
  79. Silver Dracan Steel Pickaxe
  80. Silver Dracan Steel Shovel
  81. Silver Dracan Steel Hunting Sword
  82. Soul Dracan Scale Boots
  83. Soul Dracan Scale Chestplate
  84. Soul Dracan Scale Helmet
  85. Soul Dracan Scale Leggings
  86. Soul Dracan Scales
  87. Soul Dracan Steel Axe
  88. Soul Dracan Steel Boots
  89. Soul Dracan Steel Chestplate
  90. Soul Dracan Steel Helmet
  91. Soul Dracan Steel Hoe
  92. Soul Dracan Steel Ingot
  93. Soul Dracan Steel Leggings
  94. Soul Dracan Steel Pickaxe 
  95. Soul Dracan Steel Rod 
  96. Soul Dracan Steel Shovel 
  97. Soul Dracan Steel Great Sword 
  98. Soul


Samurai Armour 

If your Japanese or Likes anime. You'd Know Samurai Armour or Katanas are not Easy to make and takes Months or Years.

Minimal Stations you need: Crafting Table, Forge Furnace, Metalworking Table, Blast Furnace, Campfire.

You need a Lot of Iron and Resources.

Iron Pugio 

A Small Knife like Sword Weapon for Close Combat.

Iron Pilum

Iron Pilum is a One Used Spear.

Iron Spatha

Longer than the Gladius, more Power and is your Main Sword.

Ballista Bolt

Ballista Bolts can be Crafted with 2 Fig Trunks and 1 Steel Ingot. Can Be Crafted in the Crafting Table but will be Transferred to the Woodworking Table and Advanced Technology.

Ballista Turret

A Placeable Weapon, if faces you when Placing but I hope to find a Way to fix it.

Sneak to Pick It Up, You can Change Degrees from 0° to 45° Upward.

Uses Ballista Bolts as Ammunition.

Can be Crafted currently in Crafting Table But will change the same to the Bolts Reason.

2 Fig Trunks, 3 Fig Planks, 2 Wool (Wool is used to make String too, not Minecraftia Fact.), And 2 Steel Blocks.

800mm Granatwerfer 34

A Great War II Weapon used by Imperial Germans from the Start of the War since 2039. Only Available as Trades or Craftable with Advance Technology.

Changeable Degrees 45° to 75°(90° is max but I don't think Suicide is a good Option)

Mortar Grenade 34

Stackable only by 1

Used as Ammunition for 80cm GrW.34

Main Kind of Ammunition for 80cm GrW.34. Only Available as Trades or Craftable with Advance Technology.

Roman Armour:

Can only be obtained from Killing Roman Soldiers or Trading with the General.

As Strong as Soul Dracan Scales or Steel Armour!

Wearing 1 Piece of the Roman Armour can change the look of your Shield to look Roman(Currently Only works on the Curiass).




Mythology Oaklands


Mythology Plains and Mythology Forests

Further Details are only available on my YouTube Channel Kyuu Anticipation Desperation.


Laura Euphoria Depression (The Goddess and The Storm)

Health: 972 Million and Rising.

Attack Types: Breath 2x Hotter than a Neutron Star.

The Goddess and The Storm. How can you defeat something Harder than Nuclear Pasta.

More Information of Laura in: 

Select version for changelog:


No Updates that are new but New Testings in my Channel did showcase the New Weaponry.

Extended the Item List from 93 to 143


Installation: You must Put the Mod in the Development Folders, and Turn On These Experimentals:



  • (127.14 MB)
  • 6th_Century__Beta_V.1.4.3.rar (127.14 MB)
  • 6th_Century__Beta_V.1.4.4.mcaddon (127.14 MB)

Supported Minecraft versions

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New Beta Version 1.4.2 will be rolling out probably Tomorrow but I'm not Sure.

Any Questions? Please Ask Me either in YouTube or Discord.

If a New Version is Available and you want to Download IT. Please Remember to Delete the Older Version for Better Storage. Also put the Mod in the Development Folders not the Full Folders.
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Como fais essa mesa se trabalho em metal
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Voce pretender colocar mais dinossauros e dragoes de raio e sube especies dos dragoes que ja tem ??
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Voce pretender colocar dragoes de raio e sube especes dos dragoes que jatem e tauves mais dinosauros??????
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Does anyone know why the texture pack is not detecting me?
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Guys who everybody who ask that can crystal storm can be tame the answer is no!!!! Pls dont ask again
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Please make good against all ,if someone asked mistakely that “phoinex not fenix" ,you don't have any right to tell someone kiddos even he/she can be about 18 yrs , Don't be act like it the best in the world and commenting on other mistake thats no good , I asked you for sorry and then you again act like a mean guy STOP THIS !! Your dragons are cool but don't be rude against everyone.
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Make video how to tame nine tails fox please i don't know how to tame they
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To tane a ninetail foz you need sweet
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Discord Link?? and also how to get Draconia Swords I dont see em on the crafting Menu of All the CraftingTables
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Could you make the Laura Euphoria Depression tameable by blaze rods or salmons? It would be cool yah know
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everybody ask that can crystal storm can be tame the answer is no!!!! Pls dont ask again
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Amazing add on!
Can you make your sea serpent compatible with sea serpent in Raboy's mobs add on because I want to enjoy both add ons
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Sorry for the bad English. Epic addon with just a problem! I don't know which dragon have the missing texture... I was testing the addon, forcing a dragon to fight the Minotaur. the dragon breath fire but the fire is invisible. so the Minotaur looks like he is catching fire for no reason.
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can you make a subpack with only the prehistoric creatures pls?
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can you please make it work for mc version 1.17.41, because i can't change my mc version. :(
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it says that it has an invalid zip archive for the .mcaddon and I don't know how the rar and zip files work.

i feel jealous :(
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i use windows 10
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Ok, super cool, but I wish there was a way to get The Goddess and the Storm into game without using /summon.
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Why are YOU using /summon in the first place?!
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does it use player.jason file?
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