OG Graphic Pack (Support Render Dragon and FPS Friendly) OG 偽光影畫質包 V1.5.2

Are you tired of Minecraft's boring and unvibrant vanilla gameplay. No worries, OG Graphic Pack will be your game changer ! OG Graphic offers you a lively and clean gameplay, so what are you waiting for ? Come and checkout!

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Changelog (very minor update)

Resource pack changelog 資源包更新
-added mangrove swamp foliage colormap

-The SAM vanilla preference add-on pack is updated, this increases the opacity of moon texture during night time.

-manifest is updated.


Page Changelog 頁面更新
-The clear underwater view function is no longer working at the newest Minecraft version, all text and media about this function is removed.



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This is amazing 👏
this is a very beautiful pack, I appreciate it very much
The texture pack doesn't work, could you update it to 1.20.12?
Did you just download the vanilla preference add-on pack instead of the main pack ? It should work fine.
I can't download the files off of Mediafire.
It says that I need premium to download multiple files even though I'm only selecting one file.
You clearly didn't check the download instructions, tap the file icon or text so you don't select multiple files.
I dont like a sky its kinda ugly but i dont hate this shader
Thanks for your response, currently working on an brand new enchanced vanilla graphic pack with lighter saturation effect especially the sky
It's amazing that with so few elements, the look of the game significantly changes the gaming experience.

My congratulations 👏
Is there a way i can just have the double clouds by itself? I prefer it more tbh but other than that, I loving the pack it's really good!!
the download link doesnt load
i waited for it to load but then it said "Connection timed out"
I'm sorry to hear that, It should be working.

Here's some solution you can try :
I suggest you to check if you're using any VPN or not, if you did, you should turn it off and try again.
You can also attempt to download it using different browsers or clean the cache of your browse application.
You should also check your connection and try to reconnect your Wi-fi.
I hope this helps...
the link is working now, thx