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Published on October 05, 2016 (Updated on October 05, 2016)

Ogre Addon

Installation Guides

how did I find this
the addon works just fine for me so its good
Get out of me swamp donkey!!!!!!
Shrek in Minecraft
Hey it dosent work on my ipad mini a error happend ?
I don't like it I'm sorry but it messes up how the mobs look and all the blocks to
Creator...Can you take back the Addon?It just made my minecraft never play.Thank you
Can you make it ostil becaus thas make no sense plz make it hostil for more scariest embience
Dude, first off so many corrections: hostile* because* this* makes* please* hostile* scary* ambiance*, how do you miss spell so badly. .-.
this is actually pretty cool! i am gonna get an orc and put it with this
You have to tap and hold on the download button and press open in new tab
The zombie texture is really annoying but the ogre texture is awesome.
What do i do if it says bad zip file? Ive tried to download all sorts of different extractors and ive redownloaded the mod a lot of times too but no matter what i do its still a bad zip file
Have you tried downloading it on another device / a computer?
hey jason im not the creator but try downloading the mc pack file
But in the picture the ogre has two eyes...
Lol, nice find. I didn't see it until now. Fixed the text.
This is good!
SMOrc (lol, get it? The Twitch emote?... Okay I'll stop ;_;)