Published on September 18, 2019 (Updated on April 24, 2020)

Old Days Of Pocket Edition

Go back to 0.7.0alpha and see how looked in the pass Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition and feel the Nostalgia ir you are a OG player of PE/Bedrock Edition

Also check this out (used as inspiration)

What is back?

-Old Grass color, leaves

-Old textures

-Old sounds

-Old ítems and food textures

-Old Red Bed

-Old start menú

-Old Water

-The Cyan Rose is back

-Old Leather armor

A screenshot of the Main menu

Now with CrisXolt Old Pocket Ui DX

A example of how the textures looks

Old Cyan Roses

The Leather Armor has the old desing

The red bed has the old colors

The Food has black borders (only the ones who appears in the 0.7.0

Select version for changelog:


-Fixed some textures.

-Updated the pack to the new format


Touch or click the Mcpack file and this gonna open Minecraft, Now wait to import and now go to Options -> Resource Pack -> Select the texture pack, and then exit the Options


-Put the Ligthing in 0

-Turn off the Smooth Ligthing

-Put the Music to 0

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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what about old water and 2d clouds?
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U even should have added the drag feature like for ex: opening inv and picking up a block it use to not be like todays it is like pc
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please change the grass it doesnt look like old pe grass
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I like this, but the leaves are white. Please fix.
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I was able to instal this texture pack, but whenever I try to import it an unknown error occurs. Can someone please tell me how can I import it?
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I love this texture pack, BUT I have some suggestions. Maybe you could add 2D clouds of add an outline for mutton.
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good texture pack i love it
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good idea on this great work

I am a professional at textures and mods and addons I am market creator for mcmarket
but I can make ur ideas more professional. with ur own website and more along the way.
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I think I'ma update this, please just wait
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wow , por un momento pense que era un pack creado por CrisXolt , creo que ha quedado demasiado genial , aunque , en la publicacion pone que es para 1.13 e 1.12 y a mi me va bien en 1.14 ._. , pero eso es lo de menos , muy cool el texture pack :D
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It isnt work now. Pls update
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