Published on March 13, 2020 (Updated on March 19, 2020)

Old Villager Template Worlds

Do you want to see the old villagers or use them in your own maps? These flat and infinite terrain worlds allow spawning the old villagers. 

To get the correct spawn eggs for both v1 and v2 villagers, use the following commands:

 - /give @s spawn_egg 64 15

 - /give @s spawn_egg 64 115

 - /give @s spawn_egg 64 44

I'm not sure if this one here (^^^^) is the correct zombie villager V1 spawn egg, sorry

 - /give @s spawn_egg 64 116

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Download link was not changed, all I did was fix the category tags



  • Old Villagers Template Worlds.mcaddon

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download link is broken, can u send an alternate one?

broken download is an website side issue
You knew about it too? Nice mate but The download doesn’t work anymore
and since this is fake im makinga pack of the og village seeds for survival (achevemnts on) and creative and the old village and vilagers are preserverd
fix this i extracted the file because of the buggieness cuz I thought it was the wrong extension but turns out this is garbage it dowsnr work
Please update to 1.16 :D
How can I use it?
How can I use it on iOS? Help me!
How can I use it on iOS?
when I try to spawn it the old villager dies immediately and a new one spawns... Why is that?
Because your world is not from a World Template and you might not be using these downloads
It says failed to import when i download the world template
but when I download it says failed to import
Kinda buggy, they still retain some characteristics of the new villagers
it uses the "spawnV1Villagers" option inside the level.dat file
(for android i use blocktopograph to change that)
it didnt work they were still the new ones
I fixed the category that it's supposed to be on
The v2 villager is not working
are you getting the right spawn egg?

In creative inventory on that world, you automatically grab the villager V1 and zombie villager V1 from there, the V2 ones are obtainable by the commands here:

/give @s spawn_egg 64 115
/give @s spawn_egg 64 116
Can you make a behaviour pack for this???
What do you mean behavior pack?
Oh you want to know how I created it?
That was my comment above, and it kind of bugged

Dm me on Discord (view my mcpedl profile to see id) for instructions on how to do it on android
Before Direct messaging me, you need to join the Official Minecraft server at or send friend request due to technical reasons