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Published on September 19, 2018 (Updated on September 19, 2018)

SS Olympian Factions Realm [PvP]

This is a Factions map which works for Realms or local multiplayer servers. It's very similar to Factions server (if you played one on Java or Bedrock) and should be a top choice if you want to run a Realms server like it. There are is a currency which you can use for buying or selling things in shops. You can also build and claim bases. Just be careful though as there are can be other Factions who might do you harm!

Creator: SupershifteryTwitter AccountYouTube Channel

Game Features

  • Fully function shop with custom villager trades
  • Starter kit
  • Beautiful Spawn with warzone
  • Factions commands
  • Claims
  • Custom terrain
  • Working Shaders
  • Custom Builds around the map
  • /Home
  • /Spawn
  • /wild

Creator's Notes

If you want some more maps make sure to check my YouTube Channel [Supershiftery] because I release maps every week and I’m trying to reach 10,000 subscribers

Thanks for taking the time to download the map.

If you want to help with future maps message me on Twitter



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4.33 / 5 (9 votes)
Can you have a two mobs that can come together and become as one and after one of them die the seconds one is there example you have four zombies and they come together and you kill 3 of them you have only one left over 1 more spawned and they became together and you kill one of them you have only one left over and you kill the left one and you have 0 left over ok plz add that for me
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that litterally just budleing them together into one mob and that would add there health or thats like normal minceraft, have you ever even played survival before you stupid boy
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The Villiger only have the normal stuff what can i so??
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I have on Xbox but villagers don’t work only allow trade just like in survival?
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They changed villgers in minecrat sadly The don't work
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Wow amazing map but the commands don't work please fix this but still I rate this 5 stars
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The commands don’t work. Please fix.
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Can it be used for servers? and
May I take a video?
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Where’s the dev traders?
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The commands don't work but still very cool
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It takes very Long for me to download and play it. Please fix that
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What resource pack was used to take these screenshots?
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probably pinicale shaders
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