Published on January 15, 2023 (Updated on January 22, 2023)

🥇 Olympic Games - Voiceline & Shop Update

Do you want to play on a fun minigame map with 11 modes, custom sounds, costumes, and Hub Titles? Come and grab your friends for the Olympic Games on the Minecraft Bedrock edition.

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  • We updated "Fall game"  to a 3x3 jump area
  • we added a new Voice Line System
  • Added new Codes
  • Added a Shop keeper where you can buy your bundles
  • Added the Alien and the Dragon Bundle
  • Fixed some music bugs
  • Added a new game called "Hit and Run"
  • Added some new animations for some games
  • Use code: "mcpedl" in game via the Locker item, to gain 800 coins!



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Hey, thanks for your feedback. We have a lot more things planned.
add bosses weapons and shop
cool, i hope u develop this alot more