Olympic Story: Dawn of Atlantis - OpenWorld Story Game

Ancient Olympic introduce the First Open World Rpg Game. Olympic Story: Dawn of Atlantis take place in the ancient atlantis. 

You task is to help the foreigns. An ancient force threatens the balance. The greek goddess Gaia wants to conquer atlantis. 

Buy weapons, deliver food and resources, train in the arena, make quest, earn Drachmas, make parkour and have fun. You can discover a huge Openworld based island, with a big atlantan city, a volcano, ships, arena, farm island. Fight against Gaias henchman on big battlefields and experience epic boss fights. Furthermore epic and exciting dialogues will bring you through the story, which took more than 1 hour. Also custom music, custom dialogues, custom map, custom npc's and custom entitys making the world more interesting to discover. 

The game is only for 1 player. Who found all eastereggs?(There are a lot) 

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Bug Fix Update 2.0:

Changed the soundquality

Arena Fight Improvements

Earthwalkers now attack you very soon



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Wonderful!However,the yellow attention(speak with the Lumber jack stergios) covered others.Also,Boss fight is a hardsip,because zombies can attack you even the floor is lava.
Thank you for your nice words RelicZ, that means a lot to our team :)
This Map Is A Beautiful Work Of Art, As Someone Like Me Knowing A Decent Amount About Command Blocks And Making Maps Myself, I Can Confirm That The Effort Put Into This Map Is Truly Remarkable. You And The Team Should Keep It Up, Can't Wait To See Part 2 :)
Hey guys, thanks for your feedback. We have changed the spawnradius and the gamemode.
It sounds interesting but there are 2 main problem default game mode and spawn. And a guid that where to start wil be amazing.
Love it 😍 MCPEDL needs more high quality Adventure Maps like this
NiukySama where did you spawned? The map is only for 1 player. We try to fix the spawn bug as soon as possible.
everything is buggy, we start co-creative in another place, I spent hours trying to find the beginning of the map, but I didn't even find it