Published on November 29, 2021 (Updated on February 06, 2023)

One Blocco 2023!

One Blocco is a "harder" version of your usual One Block maps. You will have to mine blocks that is randomized and while at the same time keeping a lookout of a random mob that will randomly spawn once you mine a block. 

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What's New?

  • Reworked the opening of the game.
  • Added a hub area cuz it looked cool.
  • Lowered the prices in the shop.
  • Added more blocks and mobs!
  • Added Modes selection.
  1. Adventures.
  2. Super Random.
  • Added Resest button.
  • (There's much more but I don't remember the others considering this map took 4-5 months to develop, mostly due to school works)

What got Removed?

  • Hidden easter eggs.
  • Unused Events like zombie apocalypse, emerald rush, and tnt fallout.
  • Unused Voicelines.

Will there be more updates?

  • Yes there will be regular updates. The game still has some bugs that needs fixing and I still need to make the game multiplayer friendly.. 
  • You can access these updates through the mega folder.. I will be constantly adding update folders in there so I wouldn't have to regularly edit this map in mcpedl.


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Pinned comment
SORRY PEPS.. I accidentally forgot to remove 1.17 in the versions
Legofan256™️ May 02, 2023 at 6:14 pm
pls make it a tad easier
I have problem were i am stuck in adventure mode and cant do anything
The game wouldn’t start and I was stuck on the logo
Sure i will be waiting to see it
wow lol be careful mate
Sure i will be waiting to see it
why do sheared sheep never grow back wool? also dirt never gets grass. If tnt blows up ground there is an area around block that becomes void. Nothing can be put back there. so animals fall off so do hostile mobs but you can't get credit for the kill. if you could fix this would be 5 star
I have problems but tnt is worse at minus fix this problem PLEASE

(TNT is not hostile is explosion block)
Emmanuel Eric Hallig March 24, 2022 at 9:54 pm
I love this game so much! But I rate it 4 star because not the problem at one block, but I want you to add some stages, and can you please make me break the block while the portal is still there, because sometimes I don't need it. Thank you!
Hey, i love your oneblock map and its like the orignal one (The java one) but please remove the trading hall and money cause it destroys the feel of orignal oneblock, pls i request you.
And i am having some things that you should add:-
1. Instead of making mobs spawn randomly you should add monster parties.
2. You should add stages like, Forest, Underground, ocean, etc.
3. Please remove the objectives.
4. And the most important thing(that i think) is random chests like rare chest, super chest, etc instead of barrel.
5. Final thing, a cooldown between stages.

Otherwise your oneblock is awesome!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁
And if you try to add the changes mentioned above then it would be the best and most popular oneblock i guarantee you.

Giving 4 stars cause of trading hall, so pls remove it and add stages.
Thanks for your feedback, unfortunately I cannot remove or add anything in this map as I've decided to stop updating since I've grown tired of it and as a one person map creator.. it is quite hard for me to implement every block in the game with only using vanilla commands on bedrock.. There are other one block alternatives out there that might fit your tastes..
If you want the best oneblock then click thus link and download. Most pe players play this map. Trust me.

Copy it and paste in the search bar.
Thanks brother for many days I was looking for a oneblock suitable for me. And now I got it.
SORRY PEPS.. I accidentally forgot to remove 1.17 in the versions
oi eu quero jogo mine craft