One Night At Frankie's 2 (Horror!) [Minigame]

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Whitehall Street–South Ferry Station December 28, 2018 at 9:10 am
I tried to get the map into Minecraft but when I looked over all of the worlds in the game I have it wasn’t there
Why the map doesnt showed up in my world list? I've been re downloading it several times and still didnt worked
I really want to play this minigame
Okay I was able to download it but instead of opening Minecraft it opened my Flipaclip app. Please fix that
Creeper I can't dowload this map I'm only be able to download the other maps but I can't download the second onaf pls help I want to try out all of the onaf series
Hey Creeper I downloaded two of your horror maps "Cursed" and "I see you" (forgot the name). But when I tried to download this map and the other Freddy's horror maps it doesn't open a world it's like a template and I don't know what to do!! Is it supposed to be a template ?
Hey how you get custom mob music? Can you tell me? But love it
Uh, John the Editor, when is my 'Tiki Tribes' Add-On going to go on MCPE DL?
This is not to post about other things like addons, instead post this on the forums.
This Horror map this a 10/10 Great work! How long did it take you to builds this? It's amazing! I love it!
I saw the teaser in Mary I was late
Did you see the dark blue words,"He got replaced because of you" on the teaser for ONAF 2?
Well it was scary but It was fun
Minecraft Girl Lover July 16, 2017 at 2:25 am
I came from Mary.. Mary was a cool map btw. I am gonna play this now..
Best Map Ever!!!
I play the map with my sister and the map did not crash it a fun game but make a 3 and4 and sister location too it will be so fun if you do that and I love the game 5 thumbs 100% 5 stars 100% :) gg nice game :)