One Night At Frankie's 3 (Horror!) [Minigame]

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Each time i try to use my camera it crashes but anyways good work
Like your maps ps: I am braziliam I speak a little English
Cordanites plss
I played it..........NOT!!!!!! I spawned and there was nothing. ..many tell where the hub is at??
My camera is gone and where is it
Epic good job u now when 1 night of Frankies 4 come out ?
Is this free or money buyable and how do I buy it
Wow! Awesome bro??
Cool you must have worked hard for this
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being a normal adventure map 5 being not really scary at all and 10 being it gave be a panic attack what would you rate this map? And are there any full screen jumpscares?
I love the game you made but the music runs out fast.
Is this super scary? I get scared easily so could I play it
Can you try to make one single map with all these 3 ?
Who made the texture pack this is amazing