One Night At Frankie's Freeroam (Horror!) [Minigame]

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Unicorns are my fav January 20, 2018 at 1:13 am
Seriously how would you like that that.How about Frankie went in your room to murder you.Hows that good for you.
Hi CreeperGamerZXZ It would be an honour for me to help you create any more Five Nights games. I have built so many FNAF or horror games and it would be so cool for me to help you. If you ever need any help just ask me.
I've already played all 3 of your maps and they were so cool! Don't know how you do it!
Hope you don't mind me asking CreeperGamerZXZ, but when is ONAF 4 coming out?
I dug below bedrock. And I saw rage elixirs... rage elixirs EVERYWHERE
best horror map ever
Epic map
Great map!If you continue the series I will download it and any other maps you make!!! Good luck on any new maps!!!????????????????????
Make a slender man map just like dis
Excellent how come nobody is talking about this in the mcpe community keep up the good work nice concept
Your maps are so amazing they are very fun and scary amazing job I rate it 5/5 stars :D
Make and update for the freerome ad the bathroom bedroom. A smaller pizzeria. And all the peaple from one night at Frankie's 1 2 and 3 please do this update creepergamerzxz my brother
Make a update on this please I wish it had more Frankie's like the raccoon guy all of the guys is the 1NaF 1 2 and 3. Please read this comment. And make an expansion has in these rooms. Bedroom. Bathroom. A smaller pizzeria. And that will be the update I would like in the 2nd update.
Great map! I am still a little surprised on the textures!
BEST ONAF MAP EVER!!! Pleaseeeeeeeee add a resorce and behavior pack you can download..also MIND= BLOWN when you put the livingtombstones "FNAF" song out pf noteblocks...iv build fed x gamings but wow...PLEASE ADD THE BEHAVIOR PACK AND TEXTURES! 20/10 you have earned this creeper....please keep it up???
Also...thanks for the pumkins...I went in creative before I played at O put on a pumpkin....well trolled
sorry again I will stop now...BUT WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE ENDYMAN
Can you make a onif 4
How do you make these so quickly within the the time of the last one plez teach me how to command block and make maps my gamertag is Sparky4Lyfe98