One Piece Evolve Addon

If you like One Piece in the Anime TV. Maybe this addon can make you excited to playing minecraft in survival mode.

With this Addon you can add more NPC Characters from One Piece, more Weapons and more Items (Devil Fruit) to your game. 

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Link download updated since my website changed. Im really sorry for this.


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capivara123pãodequejo January 18, 2022 at 6:00 am
bro omg
bruh you can get a fruit but when
you are creative
the bosses drop have a chance to drop their devil fruit
How do you get devil fruits?
Ayuda en donde le doy para descargar
also the music is fire
hey can you make a map to go with it add ships this mod is great but i think that a map would be amazing
Overall great for weebs, but the particles almost broke my game.
your recource pack link got moved to another link
Add ace and enel(eneru)
or add breeding u choose
Does this only work for android because the photos are on android so I'm curious cuz im on windows 10
how do i use the devil fruits
Can you do jojo Addon where you can have the stand actually be there as a mob but float behind you and need stand arrow I would love this if you could
Good idea
Can you add Whitebeard , Bisento and Gura Gura No mi ?
You should add Haki and all the different types of Haki. Like Conq Haki that all entities within a radius of x will get effects ?
I continued loading the resource pack into the resource_packs folder, extracting it manually, but I only had the one-piece wallpaper on the menu and when I got into the game, everything didn't change. Hope you help me thank you much
Try before entering a map to click the editing pencil next to the world, scroll down with the options under the world picture and equip the behaviour and resource packs to the world you want it in.
Devil fruit users aren't using their abilities and I'm unable to use the devil fruits myself. Plz help, I'm on Xbox.