Published on September 28, 2021 (Updated on October 08, 2021)

Open Elevator 1.2 (1.17)

The Open Elevator addon is inspired by the Elevator in OpenBlocks. It adds an elevator that helps you teleport up and down. It is pretty simple to use and other addons work well with it. It is useful if you want to make an underground base.

-You can put this addon in any addon-pack if you credit me.

-You cannot upload this to any other website without my authorization.

You can teleport between each of them if you are below or under a elevator. Jump to teleport up, sneak and interact with your hand to teleport down.

The limit between each elevator is 16 blocks.(I will higher it later).

The elevators can be colored in 16 different color.To work,they need to be the same color.Just change the color of the wool in the recipe.This block needs mid-tier ressources to be crafted:8 Wool,1 Enderpearl.

This is the shape of the craft:

There can also be blocks between the elevator and it will cause no issues.In creative, you can do:/function elevator to get all of the colored elevator

If you have any ideas, tell me.

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-Added the elevators to the creative inventory

-Changed the teleporting sound to be more satisfying

-Cleaned files

-Changed featured image text

-Change some addon description


Don't forget to enable the experimental boxes before creating your world! 


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pls update to 1.18 :( the elevator is not going up!
El elevador no sube y solo baja y aveces no agarra ni para bajar,no se a que se deba
Me encantó este complemento. Me preguntaba, ¿puedo hacer una review de este gran complemento para Youtube?
The elevator only goes up and does not work down!
You need to sneak and interact with it with your hand
El mejor complemento de la historia de los elevadores UwU
Gracias por cumplir mis peticiones de la antigua version... A Y Una Cosa¿Puedo Hacerle una Review A Este Increíble Complemento?
¡No hay problema! Me gusta agregar sugerencias de la comunidad. Y sí, te permito revisar este complemento si me acreditas y das un enlace al complemento.
Hello, I am a Chinese player
Can I Chineseize this addon and post it on other forums?
Thank you very much if you can
Yes I allow you, but you need to give credit to me and a link of this post
Can you make it work without the need to have an empty hand to lower the elevators? Is that when I try to lower the elevator with an item in hand, it does not let me ...
exelente ¡¡Me encanta!! muy parecido al de la version java, funciona muy bien.Te mereces 5 estrellas crack :D.
This is exactly the addon I've been looking for, for ages! Now if only we could recolor the elevator to better fit in with our builds.
Buen Complemento, pero quisiera que se Pudiera tener elevadores De Colores
Serves for version 1.17.30?
For best experience, yes, but it should work for any version above 1.17.