Published on July 19, 2015

Open GL 2.0 Shaders PE [16x16]


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This pack only works on an older version of MCPE. Also back then you use blocklauncher to install this since there is no such thing as an .mcpack back then
Guest-6778633973 May 23, 2020 at 8:13 am
What version to be exact?
File thing is wierd and seems to be missing some parts...
Tried downloading, but the manifest is missing.
Wher is the mcpack file I cannot download this on my device!?!?
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It works on xbox one? someone tried it?
I want my world to look good
It look really cool
HI my name is AeronI download this zip or resource pack how can't put this resource pack in my phone i try to extract but nothings happened?
You have to rename it to a mcpack format. Thank me later :)
It does not working for my MC. I can't see the manifiedt.json anywhere. What happened?
WhereIsTheManifest April 30, 2018 at 1:51 pm
What happened to the manifest.json? ?
Can I use this shader on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition? If not, do you know any good Minecraft Windows 10 Edition shaders that I can use?

Good job on the shaders, by the way.
You are one of the only people here as well as me who uses Windows 10 edition :)
I use iPad
Yes, I Suggest Using UltraMax Shader By GENGHAR15 A Link To It Is Here
Please please make it compatible for versions 1.0+ there are no good shaders any more
How to activate the shader??
Ummm... I have a question. How to activate the shader.... I only know that you can activate it from resource packs
Don't work on ios, it just says open in but it doesn't say open in minecraft pe
It's a zip file, wich means it cannot be opened directly in MCPE.
You need to unzip the file and then it shall work.
Search on YT.
or rename it to .mcpack