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Ore Compressed

Still worried about not having enough backpacks to dig the mines? Try this add-on, it will save you a lot of trouble!

You can compress some of the original mineral blocks, such as diamonds, gold, iron, emeralds, redstones , lapis , coal.

还在为矿洞挖掘背包不够而担忧吗? 试试看这个组件吧,它可以帮你省下一大波的烦恼!


The highest can be compressed into four square! A little calculation, a four-level compression block can be decomposed into 9 three-level compression, 9 three-level compression can be combined into 81 secondary compression, 81 secondary compression can be combined into 729 primary compression, and 729 primary compression can be combined into 6561 blocks! (33 more pieces in 102 sets)(Because of the use of Google translation, there may be some ambiguity)

How to craft it?

Isn't it simple? Just like the original!

最高可以压缩成四级的方块哦! 稍微计算了一下,一个四级压缩方块可以分解成9个三级压缩,9个三级压缩可以合成81个二级压缩,81个二级压缩可以合成729个一级压缩,而729个一级压缩可以合成6561个块!(102组多33个块)


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Fix some bugs that cause unable to load blocks

Netherite Block zip can be craft.


Please open the experimental gameplay!


if you find some bugs, please contact me on twitter @FancyCabbage,thanks!


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i remember seeing something like this from Modded Minecraft Java FTB with there compressed cobble (might be more than cobble in that tho)

all i have to suggest is a change in texture the more you compress it like compressed cobble in FTB
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i'ts china
i dont know
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Guest-9383235231 May 20, 2020 at 8:46 pm
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Guest-5407956544 May 14, 2020 at 3:14 pm
It doesn't work
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