Published on November 13, 2022 (Updated on November 24, 2023)

Ore Generator Block 2.1

I made the Ore Generator Block to mimic a traditional Skyblock ore generator, and this Ore Gen comes as close to Skyblock as is possible! The previous version of this addon consisted of a single generator block that would generate every overworld ore in Minecraft. Ore Gen [Multi] 2.0 features 3 tiers of overworld ore generators, each with a different set of ores and rarities, as well as a fourth tier that generates Nether blocks.

Ore Gen [Single] is my latest addition to this project, featuring many more possibilities with only 2 custom blocks! This one is great for OneBlock worlds!

I hope you enjoy using these Ore Generator Addons!

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Combined all tiers of generators into a single block and changed the method of ore generation.

Added 3 Tiers of Overworld Gens and 1 Tier of Nether Gen

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Added Ore Generator [Single]



  • Ore_Generator_Multi_V.2.mcaddon (24.9 KB)
  • Ore_Generator_Single.mcaddon (17.39 KB)
  • Ore Gen V 1.0

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Hi, Creator! May i have the permission to use your addon for my tycoon world game, i promise i will credit the addon and put your name there... Thank you!
hey Creator, could you update this addon for the 1.20 update that’s coming out in just a few hours? this addon seems interesting and I wanna try it out
it's hard to make and update a add-on
and the recipe/crafting?
Oh, I forgot to add that in the description. It's just 9 cobblestone filling the crafting grid (I'm
lazy sometimes).
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your add-ons to Netease My World?
FindKnight | YouTube RANK ✔ November 17, 2022 at 8:42 pm
you know that account you just said "sure, go ahead" Is a spam bot?
This comment has been removed
It commented that on another one of my addons... Should have realized it was a bot.
Thanks for the heads-up
Stop your scam, that just makes money for u not for creator.
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