Published on October 20, 2021 (Updated on January 16, 2022)

Ore Tree V1.4 (Spruce Update)!

Hello, have you ever been mining in a cave and then found it difficult to find ores?Or in the world you have run out of ores resources?Calm down now I made an Ore Tree, ready to bribe to get more ores!!!

In this addons there are many types of sapling, including =

  1. Iron Oak Sapling 
  2. Gold Oak Sapling 
  3. Coal Oak Sapling
  4. Lapis Oak Sapling 
  5. Diamond Oak Sapling 
  6. Emerald Oak Sapling 
  7. Copper Oak Sapling 
  8. Redstone Oak Sapling 
  9. Quartz Oak Sapling 
  10. Nether Gold Oak Sapling 
  11. Ancient Debris Oak Sapling
  12. Added 11 variants of birch sapling 
  13. Added 11 Variants Of Spruce Sapling [NEW]

To grow it into a tree, you need bone meal to make it faster or wait for another tree to grow.

Iron Oak Sapling Recipe:

Diamond Oak Sapling Recipe:

Gold Oak Sapling Recipe:

Coal Oak Sapling Recipe:

Lapis Oak Sapling Recipe:

Quartz Oak Sapling Recipe:

Nether Gold Oak Sapling Recipe:

Ancient Debris Oak Sapling Recipe:

Diamond Birch Sapling Recipe:

Iron Birch Sapling Recipe:

Emerald Spruce Sapling Recipe:

Diamond Spruce Sapling Recipe:

The above is an example of crafting for you to make ore trees, so if you want iron sapling, you just need "OAK" sapling and craft it with iron on the side.

And below is a video tutorial about this addons:

Below are my screenshots:

And above are examples of some screenshots that I planted myself.

V1.4 (Spruce Update)!!

With new Tree&and bug fixes!!

Later, there will be many more ores that I will add, you can also write in the comments column what you want in the next update.


Select version for changelog:


Hello Thank you for downloading this addons. We always try to provide updates and fix bugs

Ore Tree V1.4 Update:

1)add 11 sapling :

  1. Diamond Spruce Sapling
  2. Gold Spruce Sapling
  3. Iron Spruce Sapling
  4. Lapis Spruce Sapling
  5. Redstone Spruce Sapling
  6. Emerald Spruce Sapling
  7. Coal Spruce Sapling
  8. Copper Spruce Sapling
  9. Quartz Spruce Sapling
  10. Nether Gold Spruce Sapling
  11. Ancient Debris Spruce Sapling

2.) Updating the location of Sapling Ore Tree into Vanilla Minecraft Sapling 

3.) Update Pack Icon Resource Pack and Behavior Pack 

4.) Add Changelog and Information In the file

 5.)fixed some bugs

Thanks for download My Addons :) 


For those of you who want to download please!.I use mediafire to make it easier for you..

For you are prohibited from copying, publishing without credits, cheating.

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this is what fake speed run download lol
This was made for people that didn't know that they could change their gamemode to Creative, give themselves copious amounts of materials, and then change back into survival mode.
Man, he/she/they made this addon just for getting some op stuff *without* going to creative

Anyways, this addon is
Gweh tau luwh orang indo oy coeg ini add on nya bisa di pake di add on lain tidak?
Gweh takut nanti main server
Hai,iyah.untuk addons ini support kok dengan campuran addons lain :)
it's a nice mod, but this update does not work, or rather does not appear, the behavior of the mod.
Hmm,Have you activated experimental gameplay?
yes and it doesn't work.
Honestly this is probably the laziest add on I have seen, The same thing can be accomplished by changing your game mode, Any ad ones that are like this I have noticed 10 to have a much lower download count then add ons that act as actual utility and have purpose
BAD it crashed my game and made my pc laggy.
hmm, this addons is light. and can be used for minecraft bedrock.
Podías agregar el de neterite
Listo, espera a que actualice estos complementos
insted of ores add blocks (even in the recipe[add blocks])
Hehe This is the first version. Maybe I will change the system.