Published on March 25, 2021 (Updated on June 07, 2022)

Origins Mod Bedrock Edition Addon v1.3.7 (1.19)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Minecraft with extra abilities?

Or have you seen the Origins Mod for the Java Edition, thought about how fun it would be to play, but can't because you can only play on Bedrock?

Well then this addon is for you!

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Changes since v1.3.4

Extra Origins Update v1.0.4

- Added the Rabbit origin. (Easter update.)


Origins Update v1.3.5

- Updated to require 1.18.30.

- Updated set_velocity tag to not deal damage, thanks to 1.18.30.

- Added tags for all entities that will change how they treat a player with /tag @s add origins:mob_(entity)_(attack_on_sight/neutral/scare).

- Added events for the player that allow its exhaustion values to be multiplied by any number from zero to ten in increments of 0.5 with /event entity @s origins:exhaustion_#x.

- Added a way to make randomly selecting an origin actually select the origin automatically with /function origins/config/random_autoselect.

- Made the /function origins/cmd/double_initialize_fix function automatically silently run if more than one origins:origins entity is detected.

- Fixed Avians laying an egg every time they join the game.

- Made the Shulk able to break stone with their fist.

- Updated the Shulks Large Appetite disadvantage to use the minecraft:exhaustion_values component.


Extra Origins Update v1.0.5

- Updated to require 1.18.30.

- Updated to be compatible with the new way origins can be randomly selected.

- Updated the Foxes Hungry Boi disadvantage to use the minecraft:exhaustion_values component.


Weird People Origins Update v1.0.1

- Updated to require 1.18.30.

- Updated to be compatible with the new way origins can be randomly selected.


Origins Update v1.3.6

- Added a way to detect the current moon phase.

- Fixed the skeleton neutrality tag.

- Added the origins/cmd/last_resort_reset function, this kills the origins:origins entity, all origin_entity family entities, and all origin_group_entity family entities, then initializes the addon, and sets the origins:origins origin:playerid scoreboard to the value of the one that was killed.

- Made changes to the ui to allow for easier navigation on controller by increasing the sizes of the buttons non-visually.

- Added a locked hover texture for the select button.


Extra Origins Update v1.0.6

- Added The Monster of the Depths, Witherin, Tame Wolfwalker, and Feral Wolfwalker.


Weird People Origins Update v1.0.2

- Fixed the Trolls Large Appetite disadvantage and made it use the minecraft:exhaustion_values component.


Origins Update v1.3.7

- Updated to require 1.19.0 or above.

- Updated to fix a 1.19 change to the javascript (now script) module type in the manifest.json that broke the whole behavior pack.


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you should add a Sculk Origin .it can sink in the ground like a warden and when it dies it places Sculk
but it gets blindness in the day and cant go in the water
Since spectator mode is available in bedrock, there might be a possibility that the phantom can turn into spectator when they use their ability.

I love this mod but I have one major issue, I want to play as Starborne but duying on PS4 creates an infinite loading screen, most likely due to the amount of particles. When relogging you end up in a limbo like world and can not perform any actions, can you please fix this? The beam is also very laggy and that is unfortunate because Starborne is my favorite origin :)
how can I make my own origin using existing abilities?
Hello, this is a great mod! I saw many people said that it has a lot bugs, but I played with it at least from 1.3.2 and had only one bug (when enderian still was getting damage after touching water). Now I want to translate it into Russian, because many of my friends don't understand English, can I do this?
Hello, I want to translate this mod into Turkish and play with my friend, can I do that?
Ok so big issue thats occured eith origins, for some reason when used on realms, when you kill mobs or mobs die, they dont drop anything at all, regardless of how theyre killed, where theyre killed, and it seems to be a realk problem, just saying, that will definitely need fixing
Powers that have explosive effects “kill” you if you’re on half a heart then makes you practically immortal till you relog. Might want to fix that
i have a suggestion. Shroom-ling. it's like a mushroom. spawns on mushroom island, is a carnivore, 1 block tall, can cause people around them withering with their main attack, and the ability causes them to become hungry and have nausea. they can even be milked for suspicious stew. it's random every time. they only do half a heart of damage. mushroom cows spawn near them randomly, every few minutes. and last of all, spiders hate them and will attack on sight.
says link is expired
If you guys wanna download more origin
Here's the link
Just add this to the world
amazing addon! what is origins merged tho?
How long will it usually take to update the merged pack to work with 1.19
It broke in the new version of Minecraft something happened to the behaviors manifest not sure what but when possible can you please take a look into it? Thank you and I hope to see this awesome add-on working again soon!!!
They just need time to uodate the packs so theyre compatible with the new 1.19 update
if it wasn't full of bugs i'd recommend this, the UI for picking origins is NOT console friendly, certain origins dont always get teleport-ed to the correct dimension & the worst being when using the orb to change, it frequently breaks, the UI poping in and out of existence making it extremely hard to change.
Good concept, needs work.
Depending what devuce youre using/playing with (on realms) also effects how the UI works, it works somewhat better on mobile than PS/XBOX (im not associated with the mod, but im figuring out ways to avoid the buggy issues)