Published on March 25, 2021 (Updated on June 07, 2022)

Origins Mod Bedrock Edition Addon v1.3.7 (1.19)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Minecraft with extra abilities?

Or have you seen the Origins Mod for the Java Edition, thought about how fun it would be to play, but can't because you can only play on Bedrock?

Well then this addon is for you!

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Changes since v1.3.4

Extra Origins Update v1.0.4

- Added the Rabbit origin. (Easter update.)


Origins Update v1.3.5

- Updated to require 1.18.30.

- Updated set_velocity tag to not deal damage, thanks to 1.18.30.

- Added tags for all entities that will change how they treat a player with /tag @s add origins:mob_(entity)_(attack_on_sight/neutral/scare).

- Added events for the player that allow its exhaustion values to be multiplied by any number from zero to ten in increments of 0.5 with /event entity @s origins:exhaustion_#x.

- Added a way to make randomly selecting an origin actually select the origin automatically with /function origins/config/random_autoselect.

- Made the /function origins/cmd/double_initialize_fix function automatically silently run if more than one origins:origins entity is detected.

- Fixed Avians laying an egg every time they join the game.

- Made the Shulk able to break stone with their fist.

- Updated the Shulks Large Appetite disadvantage to use the minecraft:exhaustion_values component.


Extra Origins Update v1.0.5

- Updated to require 1.18.30.

- Updated to be compatible with the new way origins can be randomly selected.

- Updated the Foxes Hungry Boi disadvantage to use the minecraft:exhaustion_values component.


Weird People Origins Update v1.0.1

- Updated to require 1.18.30.

- Updated to be compatible with the new way origins can be randomly selected.


Origins Update v1.3.6

- Added a way to detect the current moon phase.

- Fixed the skeleton neutrality tag.

- Added the origins/cmd/last_resort_reset function, this kills the origins:origins entity, all origin_entity family entities, and all origin_group_entity family entities, then initializes the addon, and sets the origins:origins origin:playerid scoreboard to the value of the one that was killed.

- Made changes to the ui to allow for easier navigation on controller by increasing the sizes of the buttons non-visually.

- Added a locked hover texture for the select button.


Extra Origins Update v1.0.6

- Added The Monster of the Depths, Witherin, Tame Wolfwalker, and Feral Wolfwalker.


Weird People Origins Update v1.0.2

- Fixed the Trolls Large Appetite disadvantage and made it use the minecraft:exhaustion_values component.


Origins Update v1.3.7

- Updated to require 1.19.0 or above.

- Updated to fix a 1.19 change to the javascript (now script) module type in the manifest.json that broke the whole behavior pack.


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im trying to use this addon on a new world w/ some other addons that im pretty sure dont use player.json, im using better on bedrock, miner's dream, and dragonfire (dragonfire is from the official marketplace but the others are 3rd party) and im trying to choose random but it doesnt actually work and whenever i move it reopens the menu. the version i downloaded is origins merged 1.3.7 i believe

ill try removing some addons and stuff and update in the replies
Please Add Undertale Origins
Would this be compatible with the education edition?
im confused on what the diffrent downloads do can somebody he;lp?
they add new origins and the "craftable orb of origin" is exactly what it sounds like tho you do need the top download "origins" for everything to work
Suggestion: New Item
Item name: Origin Dampener
Method of Obtaining: Very expensive crafting recipe / 1/10 warden drop
Use: Place it down and, for 60 second, all players in a 30 block radius will have their origins disabled, this means that their buffs, debuffs, and abilities are disabled. Along with the inching's/slime's size being reset temporarily.
Love this mod, I've been using it on my bedrock realm but i have found one problem, I am a shulk and have been using the extra 9 slots but now i suddenly can access it. this is a big problem because all of my valuables are in there. Any way to fix this?
I found the issue, turns out Origins was conflicting with the Extra Chests mod. Found out a little too late though, my stuffs gone. But good for future reference.
passive regen in water
ability: shoot laser like starborne but it lingers
every armor you wear gets thorns
somewhat speedy in water
breathes water
cons: weak in melee
3 less hearts
drowns out of water
slowness if not in water
Does this mod run on 1.18.10?
how do you climb
crouch then jump, hold jump to climb
Found it difficult to climb as an aracnid and hard to go through walls as a phantom in creative for both...
Anyone who is trying to download the mod, get it from the discord because there is an updated version there.
i dont have discord
the abilitys dont work, as in whenever you use youre ability as a phantom, you cant go through walls, or if you try to go up high as an elytrian you cant
please make a 1.20 update, the non discord ppl cant see it… PLS WE NEED THE 1.20 UPDATE SJHEHENEHEHHREH
Please update for 1.20 really want to play with my friends
This comment has been removed
Im being spammed with that warning message and i do nt no how to fix it. Ive tried everything but the discord