Published on August 23, 2021 (Updated on June 21, 2022)

OriginsPE - Origins & Classes - Bedrock Edition (Add-On) [v1.19+]

Begin your Minecraft adventure, in a more unique way with the Origins add-on! Choose from the 15 different Origins at the start of the game, and up to 13 different Classes that affects your gameplay.  

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version 2.0:

Sorry for the long wait, here's the Origins v2.0 you have been waiting for! The following are the list of changes:

[ New Origins ]

Implemented 5 NEW unique Origins inspired from the Origins SMP. These new Origins are still new and I would like everyone to utilize their unique abilities properly.

  1. Kitsune: a fox-like Origin capable of pouncing its way through its foes
  2. Slimecican: a sticky yet bouncy Origin who leaps the highest than ever  
  3. Inchling: a very tiny but hyper Origin able to traverse the ground in a flash
  4. Starborne: a being that fell out from the skies, capable of drawing the cosmic power
  5. Bee: a flying Origin that can sting anyone it attacks

[ Classes ]

Brings additional perks in addition to what Origin you may have. Can be chosen once after you choose your Origin at the start. Alternatively, you can not have any Class by choosing the [Nitwit] class. Available classes you can pick:

  1. Nitwit: no additional traits, just keep as is.
  2. Archer: profound bow skills, allowing them to take targets down from a distance.
  3. Beastmaster: a friend of the animals, granting tamed animals a permanent buff.
  4. Blacksmith: excellent crafting skills for making equipment, maximizing efficiency and damage.
  5. Cleric: experts at brewing, for creating more longer and potent potions.
  6. Cook: gives cooked food more saturation, and craft stews and soups that may rejuvenate.
  7. Explorer: travelers who traverse through biomes and terrain that does not deplete it's hunger easily for sprinting.
  8. Farmer: utilizes a new custom copper hoe at their best, yielding more per harvest.
  9. Lumberjack: can instantly take down an entire forest, and sometimes return the favor back to earth by replanting them.
  10. Merchant: it's charisma allows villagers to haggle down their prices lower.
  11. Miner: experienced excavators of the deep, allowing them to effectively mine more resources quicker.
  12. Rogue: moves within the shadows, sneaking behind it's targets and dealing damage to them.
  13. Warrior: the mightiest who favors in combat with great courage as it faces it's foes with strength scaling over time.

[ Custom Items ]

  • Added [Orb of Origins]
  • Added [Resignation Paper]
  • Added [Copper Hoe]: can be crafted by using 2 copper ingots and 2 sticks

Enhanced variants of vanilla items:

  • Armor, tools and equipment from the [Blacksmith] class
  • Potions, splash potions, and lingering potions from the [Cleric] class
  • More saturated cooked food, and rejuvenating stews from the [Cook] class

[ Origin Changes ]


  • [Tailwind] has now a consistent speed boost, even if you're not on ground. Added a bit more speed when sprinting as well.
  • [Featherweight] can now mitigate fall damage received by half. Also making the slow falling effect remove near-instantly now as soon as you sneak.
  • Improved [Vegetarian] trait.
  • With changes in world height, you now need to sleep at an altitude of 151 blocks (previously 86) with the [Fresh Air] trait in effect. Also improved consistency of this trait.


  • Improved [Webbing] effects and buffed it's effects. Additionally now works against other players, unless if they are that of the Archnid Origin.
  • [Webbing] will no longer trigger if you immediately kill the target.
  • Changed [Venom Resistance] to [Web Cocoon], allowing you to mitigate up to 50% of any damage taken as long as you're standing in a cobweb.
  • Improved [Climbing] usage and consistency.
  • Improved [Carnivore] trait.
  • Now part of the "arthropod" mob-type family.  


  • [Gift of the Winds] improved triggering with new touch control schemes.
  • [Gift of the Winds] has been buffed and will now destroy every block on the ceiling against you. In addition, the launch height distance has been increased.
  • [Gift of the Winds]'s cooldown now resets if you have not gained significant altitude from using it.
  • Tweaked [Gift of the Winds] particle and sound effects.


  • [Hoarder] is now a trait that will allow you to store up to 9 more item slots.
  • Added [Unwieldy] trait which will prevent you from using any shield properly.
  • Removed [Tough Shell] and [Extra Weight].
  • Tweaked [Sturdy Skin] to mitigate 25% of any damage received instead of a fixed 10 HP damage reduction.  


  • With the effect [Cat Vision] at night, it will now give speed instead of strength status effect.
  • [Weak Arms] now also weakens the attack. And will now de-buff if not using the correct tools in hand, instead of just holding barehandedly.


  • [Teleportation] improved triggering with new touch control schemes.
  • [Teleportation] now happens instantaneously to whatever block you are looking at, instead of teleporting as if you simply had infinite ender pearls. This way it gives more of a unique approach in my opinion.
  • Added subtle vignette whenever teleporting with [Teleportation].
  • Removed [Hyperspace Immunity] as it was redundant that's supposed to be part of the [Teleportation] in the first place.
  • Trail particles should now emit properly.


  • Added [Sea Inhabitant] trait which will prevent underwater mobs from naturally attacking the [Merling] Origin.  
  • Added [Conduit Power] trait where previously multiple traits are simply combined into this one.
  • Added [Ocean's Gift] trait which makes it immune from any trident damage.
  • You now get a temporary water breathing upon choosing this Origin, so you can have a headstart.
  • Now part of the "fish" mob-type family.
  • Tweaked status effects being granted when being underwater or not.
  • Fixed an issue where after changing from the [Merling] Origin, you would still be able to breathe underwater.


  • Added [Burning Wrath] trait which buffs the blazeborn if it's on fire as it was originally designed.
  • Tweaked [Nether Inhabitant] trait's teleporter to the nether so that it is more stable and consistent.
  • Removed the [Fireball] trait due to crash reported issues.


  • Revamped [Phantom Form] trait -- uses the new "spectator" mode.
  • Replaced [Fast Metabolism] trait with the new [Perish] trait, which offers a better downside to the [Phantom Form] to balance it out.
  • [Spiritual Body] - or the [Invisibility] - trait now behaves as if you were not there, and cannot be attacked nor punched. But at the same time you can't be able to do it to others too.  
  • [Photoallergic] has been turned into the [Undead] trait, not only limiting your access to daylight but also healing effects.
  • You now get a temporary fire resistance so as to not immediately burn from the daylight once you pick this Origin.
  • Fixed an issue where due to the effects of the [Photoallergic] trait, causes the player to burn in daylight even in creative mode.

[ Technical & UI Changes ]

Origins picker screen:

  • Added additional screens for changing, picking, and viewing classes.
  • Added ability icons next to trait names to show if it's an active ability you can trigger.
  • Added a mix of item AUX ID and item texture rendering for Origin/class icons.
  • Improved user interface layout for changing Origins and classes.
  • Improved controller/keyboard support with button mapping.
  • Improved scrollbar appearance.
  • Tweaked when changing current Origin so that it would first display which Origin you were previously.
  • Tweaked button placements to match the Java mod.
  • Removed some unnecessary texts, and "+", "-", and "=" sprites as it was too gimmicky.
  • Removed dirt background.

Cooldown bar:

  • Up to 2 concurrent bars can now be visible.
  • Texture parity to the Java mod.
  • Will now dynamically offset depending on the situation.


  • Added a star icon next to some custom-made items that require more attention.
  • Added welcome pop-up information upon player joining. This is persistent even after rejoining, and has a vital reason for existing.
  • Added new particle and sound effects.
  • Origin abilities now resets it's cooldown when rejoining.
  • You can no longer change your Origin/class if there's an active cooldown running.
  • Updated file paths and rewritten JSON UI code & structure.
  • Origin traits are now separately stored in each of their own controller animations. This way, should you want to customize your experience, it will be much easier.
  • Origin/Class change will now be announced in the chat.
  • UI dialogue is now triggered within the player's NPC component and no longer requires a separate ticking NPC entity.

[ Bug Fixes ]

  • Fixed where the cooldown bar is sometimes is in the incorrect offset.
  • Fixed an issue where buttons won't work properly. This is an issue on the game's end and only a workaround has simply been made to counter this.
  • Fixed a bug where the bubble renderer would still render regardless if you're underwater or not.
  • Fixed a bug where Origin traits would not properly function when rejoining.
  • Fixed an issue where player component groups would have lingering artifacts of other component groups causing multiple unintended behaviour.
  • Fixed Origin icons not showing the proper icon image on the picker screen.
  • Fixed incorrect version "gamma" specified on the pack's manifest.

[ Additional Known Issues ]

  • May require a pretty beefy host to have a better experience in playing with this add-on in multiplayer.
  • Uses [player.json] in order to further improve gameplay experience, this means it will not be compatible with other add-ons that use the [player.json]. Otherwise, it should work for that add-on as well.
  • Incorrect death message for when the [Merling] Origin has dried out.
  • Cooldown bar is situated more on the client-side than it is with the server-side and thus may not be in sync.
  • Cooldown bar is not retained when changing away from the HUD screen.
  • Potion names are fixed (not dynamic) and cannot be localized.
  • Camera view is not adjusted properly whenever the player is scaled down or up. This due to technical limitations as of the moment.
  • Sometimes the [Slimecican] Origin will completely become invulnerable from any damage. Just leave and re log them back into the world to fix it.
  • [Carnivore] nad [Vegetarian] traits would sometimes still allow the player to eat or consume food items they are not supposed to. This will be fixed in the future.

[ Localization ]

   • Localization/translation support, for the time being, has been removed due to many changes implemented in this update. It will be back once it is settled in.


Supported Minecraft versions

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Please download and use the latest version (v2.1) which includes a hotfix and may improve performance for consoles. The link is available on Linkvertise and right now the MCPEDL direct link access is outdated.
Has anyone else had tools appear in the crafting menu with stars in their name? Because I have and they don't work, there is still a normal set of wood tools but the rest are replaced, like stone pickaxe is now stone pickaxe ⭐, and it mines as if your using your hands and won't drop the item
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
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I have thought of a way to make the camera angle become one block tall for both the inchling and also the slimecician once in its smaller form. I was doing some testing with water logged stairs when I realized you could code the camera angle to be one block tall by making the game think the inchling (or slimecician) was swimming. I do not know much about making minecraft addons, but you could see if you can toggle the camera to be lowered to its position when swimming. This could come with its own bugs like constantly be seen in the swimming animation, but every fix comes with its troubles. I can't wait to see how you improve the addon in the coming months.
How do you open inventory in
If you are talking about shulker, Use the skill slot, then wait for it to show the shulker inventory pop up on the first slot. Then use that slot, open your inventory and it should come out. (Using it for the first time will have to generate the inventory so use it again for the second time)
The mod works incredibly, but i have a suggestion. If you can, try to make it capabe of receiving another datapacks for custom origins (taking for example from another origins and all of that) i know it could be very hard, but if you could, it would be even better this mod (i mean, more)
Hey I’m trying to put this on my realm and I can’t put it on my realm without it just not working any idea how to fix this I already tried the method in the add on here
Hey! My friends and I have been loving this mod! We have a few ideas/bug fixes if you wanna hear them!

•Have the ability to sit on your friend's shoulder like a horse
•If possible, Fix the camera to where it's lowered
•Fall damage sometimes isn't reduced
•Hit Boxes sometimes glitch out where the person is unable to be killed correctly
Fox Spirit
•The pounce should be a button combo instead of the chest ability, it should be couch then punching in any direction
•make it where you can come out of phantom form anywhere because there is a glitch where you have to be in the ground to get out of phantom form
•make it when in phantom form, you can't see mobs/players for balance reasons
•make it where it's only able to enchant swords and armor because once you enchant a pickaxe, axe, etc, they don't work correctly
Alguien sabe porque no me funciona el addon ya active en modo experimental y nada
It's one of the best origins mods at bedrock, but I found a bug, that blacksmith pickaxes don't work properly. They are mining at speed as hand and don't drop blocks they are mined. I'm playing on 1.19 version of Minecraft
Suggestion: Doctor Strange, he can fly, can't take fall damage, has resistance, crouching while holding a specific custom item while staring at someone will do 1 or 2 hearts damgage each second but this ability can only last for 7 to 10 seconds, but has mining fatique(mines slowly) , has slower attack speed, and he loses hunger 2 to 3 times faster. my discord: ɨ_ǟʍ_ֆʍǟʀȶɛʀ_ȶɦǟռ_ʏօʊ#0953
One problem I encountered is that when my friends join, even with operator they can’t go to choose any classes. They’re just stuck on human. And even if they die or if I rejoin they’re still stuck. Any idea on what’s going with this?🥲
yeah same thing happened to me
hello it's me again if you read my last comment, and if merling could start with Trident with ripitide or Loyalty?
This comment has been removed
Hi can you optimize the star it lies very much