Published on August 23, 2021 (Updated on October 02, 2022)

OriginsPE - Origins & Classes - Bedrock Edition (Add-On) [v1.19.30+]

Begin your Minecraft adventure, in a more unique way with the Origins add-on! Choose from the 15 different Origins at the start of the game, and up to 13 different Classes that affects your gameplay.

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Changelog (v3.2):

 This update addresses some issues that most players were encountering when using the add-on. Special thanks to Insomniadic for some code contribution!

[ Tweaks & Bug Fixes ]

  • Updated format version to 1.19.30.
  • [Piglin] Origin no longer provokes fellow piglins.
  • Fixed an issue where client-side idle particles were showing for all players, regardless of any condition.
  • Fixed [Idle particles] options toggle not working properly.
  • Fixed [Enderian]'s [Teleportation] trait inconsistency sometimes not giving immunity upon teleportation.
  • Fixed [Enderian]'s [Familiar Face] trait not working as intended.
  • Fixed [Phantom]'s [Phantom Form] trait not triggering properly.
  • Fixed [Kitsune]'s [Camouflage] trait not working as intended.
  • Fixed [Starborne]'s skill traits being heard from afar.
  • Fixed [Starbornes]'s [Nonviolent] trait not being triggered.
  • Fixed incorrect text showing when attempting to hurt tamed mobs as a [Beastmaster] class.
  • Adjusted some options texts and layout.

[ Known Issues ]

 Note that some bugs cannot be fixed as they are part of the experimental creator options - which could mean breaking every update, or not working properly.

  • [Blacksmith] items duplicates on death.
  • [Blacksmith] items does not properly work as a tool or equipment.
  • Due to a glitch, the [Slimecican] Origin may become invulnerable at some instances. Server operators may choose to ban this Origin until a proper fix has been made.


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Version 3.2 is now up on through the third-party links, addressing some bug fixes that have been reported.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy!
I love this addon but one thing for inching in the real mod it can ride players and climb stuff can u add that also can u add we’re it sees from where it is supposed to so we can navigate 1 block spaces thank u
This is best add-on i ever seen an idea a good idea to have ability from a mob i hope this add-on have a update and more Origins and more
I am currently using your mod for a server and we are finding some bugs. Some of them being:
The entire Inchling origin is not working
Player hitboxs shrink to one block
I have an inventory space that is filled with nothing and I can't remove it.
(The last one may be a nother mod we are using, not quite sure yet.)
Edit: We recently have found major problems with the Slimecian's hitbox.
Can I do a showcase on this mod?
Also i want help you to translate this mod on russian language. If you are interested, write to me at discord Kopper#7204
i remember writing the idea for the beast master in the comments
Hi. Outstanding job as always r4isen. Although there are some issues. For instance, when somebody dies, their character will respawn being 1 block tall, which makes it so their collision box is smaller and players cannot hit them. Also happens that they can walk through 1 block gaps. Resetting doesn't work. When you 'initialize players', some of them will keep their small size. Also sometimes crafting a tool will make it useless. Tools have a star next to them, making them effectively useless. Awaiting a fix. Thanks for reading.
is this addon work on 1.19.40 if not pls change it to 1.19.40 plsssssss
currently any other players in the world cant craft tools that work and they have a star on the name. is there any way to fix this?

also sometimes when someone dies they glitch out our player hitboxes and it gets really annoying.
Theres a bug where the vanilla items are duplicated and put into the tabs of each item. I would fix it but the item files aren't labelled professionally. The item files should be labelled as the item name being defined, so please could you also fix the file naming
★Inchling size and anti fall/ thorns damage broke
★Blacksmith weapons broken
★Lumberjack cutting trees ability broken
★piglin might also be broken with the damage buff
★starborn stress and meditate ability didn't stop when crouching
★slimecian super jump broken when jumping didn't activate

Make it so the bee can control it's Stinger, the bee is super well done and all but I kind of think it's unfair that you die after using a stinger you can't controll I suggest making the stinger into an ability that you can turn off and on like the starborns launch and projectile ability

Love your add-on out of all the origin bedrock mods yours is the best I see lots of potential with this add-on so keep up the good work 😊😊
can you add magician?
you should make the enderian taller, since enderman are alot taller than the player
The size of the inchling is normal sized. It’s only this origin having the issue.
How do I upload this mod to a Minecraft Bedrock Edition server?
add the addon onto a normal world on minecraft then export the world and put it as the server world
Pleaase try to make more extra origins! I'd love to have more variety when I'm playing with friends!