Outer Castles! [Completely Random Castles!]

This add-on brings an experience never before seen to Minecraft Bedrock! Completely random NEW castles in your world! No two castles are ever the same! Be prepared for loot, danger, and glory!

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  • Made outside more appealing
  • Balanced Loot a bit
  • Did a little bit of bug fixing


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Hi, I used to use this addon in my survival world, but that was back in 1.16, I finally found it again, I was wondering if it works with 1.18 generation
Could u please make the game compatible to cersion 1.17.30
This mod is amazing, I really created this account so I could comment on this one, great job!
I find the desert castles always buggy, they spawn almost destroyed, with all the loot scattered on the floor and Blazes outside their cages, this lags the game from just walking near it.
I do not mind the OP level loot they have, it may be just me, though. And I do not mind if it gets balanced either.
I would like to see rooms be more randomized but you may be working on this already, looking forward to it :)
Launched a world with this addon and all experiments, 200 blocks from spawn a castle generated with only one turret and about 90% of its components missing from the complete structure. Is this some kind of bug or is this part of the intentional random generation?
seems to be a fairly good mod so far, only gripe ive found with it, is structure seem to spawn way above the ground level, like one spawned on top of a jungle canopy
sajmon2402 thecitycraftmod creator July 04, 2021 at 4:16 am
umm please fix your download link
because of this

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sajmon2402 thecitycraftmod creator July 04, 2021 at 4:20 am
so its te browser when i use chrome or fire fox your gith hub site dowload doesnt work but if i use microsoft edge it works
Can yoy make it so that modded loot can be found in the chest
Keep the updates going! It would be nice if you could add a bit more detail to the exterior design, and either nerf the loot or make the castles rarer
Some issues ive found with using this mod:

-The loot is a bit extreme, I raided 1 and ended up with endgame level gear...

-The only "traps" is a TNT-Chest Trap thats pretty prevalent

-These spawn too close to eachother
Thanks for the feedback! A balancing update might come out in the future which I’ll be sure to keep you feedback in mind for it.
Uhmm Mr.outer cloud can you give me a link where i can download it pls cause the link didn't work i can't download pls
You will have to join my discord for that.
Heyy :D
Puedo hacer una revisión de tu complemento en mi canal de Yt? Voy a poner tu canal en la descripción de mi video :')
Add troop or soldiers in castle and we can recruit them as soldier
I wanted to keep the castles vanilla and adding soldiers would go against that.
dragonbreath515646 June 11, 2021 at 7:57 pm
can you change the download link because its been loading for 3 hours