Published on August 12, 2021

Outlined Ores

Its just your normal Vanilla minecraft but with really cool looking outlined ores so all the ores are easy to spot. Perfect for server play and just solo play and it will give your minecraft world what it has been missing! This texxture pack was created by Team Slime.png


All ores have been given an outline to enhance their visibility, this also includes all nether ores and gilded blackstone.

Examples of how they look naturally:

We hope you enjoy this enhancement texture pack and if you are using this in a showcase or anything please credit Team Slime.png and any feedback  is appreciated.



Click the “Outlined Ores.mcpack Download” button and that will take you to linkvertise after you complete the steps, you will be met with mediafire. That’s how you download it


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Sad. Monetizing a Outlined Ores Pack.. I really should release a Outlined Ores Pack without Linkvertise Download. But ok it's your choice I personally think is not ok.
Great pack love using it on my realm!
Thank you very much glad you're enjoying it!
This link took me to link verse but then downloaded it to my files and I dont know how to import textures .
Do you use Mcaddon manager to import your files? if you do it should be in your download folder. Go onto McAddon Manager click import go to downloads find the file and import it and it should add the texture pack to your minecraft.

Team Slime.png