Published on June 28, 2020 (Updated on July 23, 2020)

Overpowered Expansion Last Update

Hello everyone I have started working on a new addon so I will stop working on this addon. 

Overpowered Expansion Addon is a project that will add over powered weapons. If you want to tell me about bugs or suggestions join my discord. If you want to be updated for new updates subscribe to my channel. I hope you all enjoy my addon.

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Final Update

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it looks like a good addon but when i tried to download it said "not a valid zip archive" i want to rate this addon higher but i cant because of that. please fix it!
Oi. The code for the projectile weapons looks exactly like mine. At least credit me, mate. Very unpog
hmmmmm i see u have used addon creator by PA technologies on google play store
Yeah I use it for the template and then I use documents for editing the code. I'm still studying code to make my own templates. Lol. If you have any better templates can you send it to me?
Can I use this in my survival world?
Doesn't extract all the way it gets stuck on 26%
What do u mean
Yeah, gets stuck on particles.material. 26% IDK why, I'm doing this on Xbox so maybe that's the reason... IDK.
Hmm... that’s so weird because all mobile people are not glitching but other than mobile people are glitching.
Hey the addon is not importing says file is not valid and im on tablet but used the previous 1 and it worked plz help
Could you make a mob trading card mod and power cards when you kill a mob you get the mobs cards
What the card s don't give power s to the player
Everyone this addon was made for IOS and Android... It has very much bugs for Windows 10 and I do not know why
Nice mod
I would give you 5 stars but I kant
make mo guns
when i first started the game with the addon it game me a ton of hearts, every good side effect and nausea. i started messing around the the way to fix it is by putting on a full set of armor. also its not letting me craft any of the things idk why
Same, this may be clickbait.
Bro this isn't clickbait I swear Ill try to fix it, its strange because it works for me... by the way are you on windows ten cause everyone on windows ten keeps on having problems
Btw sorrry for repeating the comment, it didn't post it but it did it again
Sorry guys. Im bad at fixing bugs, but I swear it isn't clickbait. Do you guys know anything that might be the problem?
it doesn't work for me (I used experimental gameplay) all that happened was I spawned with a few pots affects
i spawn with all effects (I used experimental gameplay)
Guys first of all enable experimental gameplay
And second of all there’s this weird glitch we’re stuff on the addon post wasn’t updated
this seem interesting
enabled experimental gameplay but still didnt let me craft nor use commands to get the items.
it just spawns me with the effects, extra hearts and nausea/glitchy vision concept even tho i dont have the armour
my anti virus went mad
Is there anyway to get these items in survival with cheats on?
Yeah you can kill the glitcher for glitches, but its not really a survival addon, I might make a survival addon after I finish creating this one.
I get all the effects and nothing else.
I think it is because of the nether update.
Really? Strange Im in 1.16 too. Did you enable experimental gameplay?