By Editor
Published on October 29, 2016 (Updated on October 29, 2016)

Owl Add-on

Installation Guides

i love owls but this mod stops fishing please fix asap!!!
You need them to be able to be tamed and sit on your shoulder or something! That would be cool! ?
Dis is cool I LOVE OWLS
Would be better if you could tame and leash them.
DONi bobs would love this lol
Pls pls pls make them tameable
It's not spooky it's SPOOKAY sorry
i liked it, but.. its cooler if the owl follow you around, can you update so you can tame the owl?? please
This add-on is AMAZING! It seems like it's actually built in to the game as if it's vanilla! I love ittttttt! Also amazingly easy to download!<3
Thanks for finally releasing this addon as .mcpack ! Now I can finally put it into my other worlds (If I want to because the owl world is right now with the mine-car and Pc GUI addon also in it my favourite.) I hope you will release more great addons!
Good good add more kinds of owls
omg editor made a guide to!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do you tame it