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Oxi! Mobs Add-on

"Oxi" is a Brazilian expression used when something is strange, this add-ons adds five strange mobs to the game, someof these mobs have parts of other mobs, like zombie heads or bee wings

In addition to the different appearance some of them have strange behavior:


  • This is a mob with two heads, one with a zombie head and a husk head, the day or night defines which head controls the body, at night the zombie head is in control but at the day time it is the husk head (with hunger effect when attacking)

Killer squid:

  • This squid behaves differently from the normal manicraft squid, it hunts the player and if finds a Villager on the way it rides on it and starts to control it as if it were a parasite to facilitate attacking the player

Flying heads:

  • This is three heads of mobs with bee wings, that flies after the victims

Creeper head:

  • It flies but explodes like a creeper

Husk head:

  • Husk flying head, it spawns only in deserts

Zombie head:

  • Zombie head that doesn't like the player either

These mobs spawn naturally in the world, but you can use eggsspawns in creative mode, these are new entities, do not replace anything in the game.

Several strange mobs will be added in each update.

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this is cursed
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english only please this is an english language site
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Tem um mlks gringo aq muito babaca ein, aff mano
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Hello, I'm the "gringo" e eu sou um brasileiro oicofóbico :) Obrigado por dar atenção ao troll aqui!
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MinecraftPokemonBoi June 23, 2020 at 3:40 pm
I could'nt use it but i am watching 09sharkboi's vid on it and i bet it is great for your nightmares :b
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The stupid linkvertise forces me to install an addon for chrome for continue that i DON'T WANT
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greedy brazilians...
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Linkvertise took me to adult content, I’m only 8
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MinecraftPokemonBoi June 23, 2020 at 3:39 pm
Ikr it is stupid linkvertise he should use if he wants money
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ads always display what you are searching
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Mano, eu amo quando vejo projetos brasileiros. Posso ver que meu país existe e isso é muito satisfatório.
Curti o addon e o nome criativo dado a ele.
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cool can you add for the nether and end mobs aswell pls
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Make The Flying heads can drop Mobs head and why the the flying Husk head Don't give us hunger effect?
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the Killer squid is just a head crab from halflife
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It's not "as", it's ads. Learn how to write, you funny brazilian.
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no, I won't let you get money for this piece of garbage. you funny brazilian person :)
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