Published on April 29, 2022 (Updated on May 25, 2022)

p0a's Trading Cards [ End Update 1 ]

Have you ever wanted trading cards?Well today I introduce you to "p0a's Trading Cards" This addon adds almost 30 cards for you to play around and trade with your friends!

!This addon is in its early stages so everything will not be perfect!

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added the end pack

changed a few cards

added a "creator card"




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Could the cards have a ratrity rating so that we can accurately trade cards? Also maybe some boss ones could drop from the wither and enderdragon. A new type of pack called the aquatic pack which drops from the elder guardian which contains all of the unincluded aquatic mobs such as elder guardian, guardian, dolphin, all types of fish, pufferfish, drowned, and turtle. Also add a herobrine card as a mythic.

I think that the rarities should go in order of:
Common --> Uncommon --> Rare --> Mythic
And a special seperate type of rarity for bonus cards called "Special" which applies to the p0a card and any future cards you find appropriate. Thanks!

One bug is the villager foil card doesn't have the enchantment glint.
Well it sounds like a good idea, but adding 232 more card variants is a little hard, so most likely I wont add "rarities". But I might work on adding aquatic things and more "special" cards
This Is amazing!Thank you for making this
pls add end cards and super rare pande cards for..........ester egg even if not ester but good addon
I know how to add your own cards and i was able to add a custom card
Actually useful for multiplayer
This addon is epic bro, im using the cards as collectables/tradables in my minigame world. I have 2 problems though, one, the iron golem card is glitched, and two, can you add more cards?
Cool addon plus can turn trading cards into weapons
The Finest Funnyman May 26, 2022 at 7:41 am
That's basically what I was gonna say. Give the cards a weaponized variant... ya' know, like touhou's spell cards but every card does something different.
Really cool addon, to make it feel more rewarding maybe make it so that once you complete the set, you get a reward, like an item or a permanent buff or something. Idk how do-able this is, but it would be cool
Really great addon, but could you add rarities of cards in the next update?
I agree!!!!!!!!!!
i agree
SomeRandomMinecrafter April 29, 2022 at 6:08 am
This is a very great addon! It’s a very nice concept and I’m a huge fan of collectible trading cards! Though I do have some suggestions to make this addon even better

My first suggestion is a new pack for each update. I mean if there’s gonna be new cards, then there should be a new pack for those cards

My next suggestion is Card variants and rarities. Every trading card series needs to have rarer versions of existing cards, or a rare card that’s not like any other card. I think this would work great for an addon like this one

My last suggestion is someone to trade the cards with. This is perfect for this addon. I mean it’s literally called trading cards. That’s their purpose.

Overall, this is a great addon and I can’t wait to see it update some more